Beijing Day 2 -cont’d…Old Summer Palace

I’m wondering how long more can I finish my account with Beijing at the rate I’m going…but there’s just so much to write and so many photos to resize & upload! I must finish writing  before I forget! This is important journal for me as I may want to visit again & make sure I don’t miss out on certain areas and make the same mistakes again..

After the New Summer Palace, we hopped on the bus to the Old Summer Palace. It’s also known as the “Ruins of Yuanmingyuan”. This place is huge and we managed to visit parts of the whole garden which was divided into 4 main gardens!

We entered through the gate where the bus we took from the New Summer Palace stopped. Can’t remember which gate!! Walked a bit and stopped to sitt on a bench and ate our bread. Really enjoyed the cool weather and the view. Since it was winter, the lotus plants have died, the scenery would have been better if the lotus plants were still alive…

After walking for a while we noticed there were rides available and quickly enquired about it. We were getting really tired so RMB10 per ride to the Ruins of Yuanmingyuan was a lifesaver!

Was trying to picture the actual buildings from looking at the ruins and I am sure the architecture was amazing and it was really a pity that the buildings were destroyed by the bloody quai loes!

Again, we ended up in another exit and we asked again how do we get back to the subway. Had to take a bus. On the way to the bus stop we saw a funeral service and it was practically on the side of the road! They actually had a makeshift kitchen to cook for the guests! Notice the drain they dug to allow the water flow! Amazing!


7 responses to “Beijing Day 2 -cont’d…Old Summer Palace

  1. wow….still writing about beijing ah? it’s long and tedious to write about but you’ll be glad that you took the wffort to write it down when you look back at this post!
    I loved Beijing too! I don’t mind going back there again for a holiday!

  2. Ka yau, ka yau…feed me with more Beijing pics 🙂

  3. You should be traveling the most among all the mummies here. So good!

    I wish I have that much of cash and freedom too. 🙂

  4. Wa… your China Odysey lagi how long more only finish?

    China Boleh like us man (the funeral parlour)

  5. hey! Interesting blog posts! I’m new to blogging and hope to make some friends! =) Feel free to stop by and leave a comment! thanks

  6. Hello L-amah, cobwebs liao lor this blog!

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