Beijing Day 6

I thought I could end the Beijing saga in this post but I was soo wrong! Looks like there will be another post after this..but when? I really donch know!!

Day 6

We made an appointment to meet Mom to 3 Angels at Temple of Heaven.Since she could only meet us after lunch, we decided to go to Jinshan again & then to Tiananmen Square.

Some dance classes/club at the Summer Palace Park

As expected, it was clear & sunny day! We thought it was good for our photos of the Forbidden City but it was wayyy tooooo bright! Shucks! Nevertheless we did manage to take more photos around Jinshan Park. Awesome place.

Next was Tiananmen Square. We took a bus there even though it was nearby. Bus rides cost RMB1 per pax woi..why walk huh? The crowd at Tiananmen was overwhelming…mostly local Chinese tourists. There were tourists squatting every where, even right in the middle of the square! Weird but true. It was a great place to just observe the people there…very interesting indeed.

We went to have Peking Duck at Quanjude, supposedly most famous place to have Peking Duck. Verdict? So-so only lerrrr..However, that restaurant is huge! They had a building of their own, I think there were 5 floors & the queue was so freaking long, they had a numbering system with this pretty lady calling your number using a mic! There were like 10 rows of chairs on the ground entrance hall for the patrons while they wait. We waited for about 20mins and managed to charged our camera battery while waiting! hahahha…

After lunch we took the underground train to meet up with Mom to 3 Angels at Temple of Heaven. Upon entering the park, it was really like entering heaven…it was like the most beautiful place ever…I somehow felt the serenity & peacefulness despite the crowd of tourists. Love the trees, and of course the building of the temples. Thoroughly enjoyed the park but we had to go off as it was getting dark.

Walked opposite to the shopping centre. It was something like the Silk Market but better. The toys store caught our attention first. Bought toys etc for the kids..SO CHEAP!!! It was a few stories and they had stationery on the top floor.

We then walked to the next building which sells exactly the same stuff in Silk Market but the shopkeepers were friendlier & more willling to heed to our bargaining! Bought the fames (famous) slippers despite Apah telling me they were copies. I kept insisting they were overruns or rejects..but Apah being the shoe specialist insisted they were copies (indeed they were as the sizes do not match the originals!)..blek..what the heck cos I bought matching ones with Kylie and they cost only a fraction of the originals…ok ok I know this is so not me…but they are after all slippers for crying out loud!

Bought more souvenirs & Apah bought his iPod gadgets (talking about originals…he mai bought copies..tsk tsk tsk..) Bought a Jap brand earphones as the iPod earphones were causing pain in my ears. Copy of course! How else can you get a Jap brand earphones for about RM10!!

Mom to 3 Angels left us early but we continued shopping till dark! Finally we decided to stop as we had to catch dinner as we planned to go to the Olympic Park. As we were walked out to catch the bus back to the hotel we saw this familiar looking coffee joint but when we looked carefully, it was not that  was a copy!!

Mun lei sei mei! Ala Bintang$ Kopi

We took a cab there not knowing if there was a subway going there. The cab driver did not really know where to drop us. Thank goodness for the bright blue Aquatic Centre, we just walked towards it. The cold wind was of course made us walk faster!

One of my better shots..

The Aquatic Centre was indeed beautiful, really loved the blue bubble like structures. It was very windy & it was difficult to get a good picture, obviously hands were shaky (freezing ma..) & we didnt bring the tripod (too many things to carry leow). Then we saw some tables & I had the brilliant idea of using it as a tripod replacement! So we managed to get shots of ourselves using the timer! We had to quickly take the photos cos the cold was getting a bit unbearable.  (The outcome for the sudden cold front will be in my next & final post on Beijing!)

We asked the guards if there was a subway station nearby & there  was! So we took the subway back to the hotel of course. RMB2 versus cabfare (forgot how much but it was at least RMB50 I it was quite a distance from the hotel) was the obvious reason!


4 responses to “Beijing Day 6

  1. aiyo…you are still talking about beijing when you have gone to so many places after this. am waiting for the bangkok and london post lah. *fai tit fai tit*

    hahaha..I will try la..

  2. haha..ya i ingat u mau start ur london post tim…nice shot of the aquatic centre…

  3. Beijing lagi ah?

    When are you going to start on your London post, and the other place you went before your London trip?

    This site going to be a travel site liao. 😛

  4. Aiyoh, sei for! Some more must wait for London and BKK post ah … too tired lor reading all this.

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