Beijing Day 7-Finale

This is definitely the grand finale to my Beijing 2009 trip. This goes to show how much I enjoyed my trip there. It was absolutely worth my time documenting this down. I will definitely go again if given a chance.

We were really tired from the long night from the trip to the Olympic Park. It was  sooo cold that night.

The morning of day 7, Apah woke up first & then peeked out of the hotel window. He exclaimed that it was snowing like a little boy. I was still sleeping & sleepily told him to shut up & let me sleep but he went on, “Real one..snowing!! Come see!” I woke up instantly & opened up the curtains! The view was simply breathtaking eventhough it was a hospital right in front! The snow on top of the trees was soooo beautiful! Don’t believe look at the photos!

We quickly washed up so we can go out to experience the snow. I’ve not seen snow since my uni days in Australia. So I was pretty excited. But it was our last day and we couldn’t do much. I was wondering it would have been quite a sight at the Forbidden City but we simply did not have the time as I had to do some last minute shopping again!

We managed to buy what we wanted to buy (and also not supposed to) and managed to take some shots in the was simply breathtaking…We heard that the snow was induced as it was not raining for a while. So they had tried to induce rain but the sudden cold front changed that to snow instead! Lucky us!

We packed & then checked out. We took a cab to the airport and it was half the price of the cab we took from the airport!! That’s the thing about China, we really have to be careful with their cabs, especially from the airport. They are all out to con you big time!!

Our luggage was not overweight as expected as we did not  bring our big bag. We checked in only to find that our flight was delayed due to heavy snowfall. We waited like over 3 hours I think…it felt so long and it was really cold as well despite being indoors!

Overall, I really really enjoyed myself during this trip. I was disappointed with the Great Wall visit & I vowed to myself that I will come back again!

The end!


8 responses to “Beijing Day 7-Finale

  1. wah your beijing saga quite long hor.
    I too enjoyed my stay there last year. would love to go there again!

  2. Clap clap clap! Now you can start on your BKK post hahahha

  3. hi .. greetings from Ipoh..
    Went to Beijing few years ago.. in april, it was not snowing but very cooling.. nice to see the pics, reminded me of my own trip..

  4. i remember going to beijing in the summer of july-august. It was deadly HOT! but your photos look so pretty with the snow. i wouldn’t mind going back again… only if its not that hot! probably in the winter eh?

    Glad you had a great time on your trip 🙂 thats why we go to trips ma!! hehe

  5. yes..must go back to China off n on. How about World plan to go or not?

  6. I enjoyed my stay in Beijing too… we accidentally had lunch some where in the hu tong, best ma po ta hu ever… would like to go there again too, last time, I didnt visit the temple of heaven 😦

    BTW, I have posted the curry puffs recipe. The ham sui kok one, I still have to refine the recipe. Will let you know later, ok.

  7. I like it whn you say, “We managed to buy what we wanted to buy (and also not supposed to) ” hehe.. typical Amah.

    Some how snow….. very beatiful one hor? Last time I went to Beijing before Zara was born, it snowed so much, when we went to great wall, it was covered in snow. Too bad that time no DSLR, nor digital camera yet. Chis!

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