Hari Raya Break 2009

Yeah yeah…so outdated…but still have to record down for memories sake. Booked into the Shangri-la Putrajaya (yes o-gain) together with Mom of 3 Angels. She brought along 2 angels only. ML arrived early & managed to get us an upgrade to the rooms with the city view. I love going there during festive holidays like this as the town is like a ghost town….so quiet, so peaceful.

It was just an overnight stay but the car was packed so full. We even brought along water in a few containers as we planned to go to Bagan Lalang the following day.

The kids had so much fun at the pool. Kieran tried the jacuzzi in the polside toilet. It was indeed relaxing as we had the whole place to ourselves!!

We were too lazy to go out for dinner & settled for the yuckiest food ever at the hotel’s cafe. It was the Hari Raya break, so we really couldn’t ask for anything more…just ate & went back to the room. The kids continued to play games together.

We went swimming again the next morning..I think..Memory is failing me big time…can’t remember if we had breakfast there or not..but most likely we did. We checked out & off we went to Bagan Lalang.

The kids played sand but I didnt encourage them to get into the sea water as I thot it was too dirty…We didnt stay that long as everyone was getting hungry.

We had lunch at Lovers Bridge Restaurant at Tanjung Sepat. That’s our favourite makan (eating) place. Apah had 2 of his colleagues join us for lunch. Food was good as usual. We had to leave early as ML had to rush back due to family matters. It was a short break but nevertheless, we had a good time, especially the kids!


12 responses to “Hari Raya Break 2009

  1. Hari Raya???? *pengsan*

  2. Pullman Putrajaya Hotel is even worst….

  3. got update on CNY 2009 anot? o_O.

    Eh..Christmas oso belum..CNY mann mann lai laa..eh shud be CNY 2010 laa..

  4. Wah… I thought I was the only one that is not up-to-date. You lagi teruk. So, nice ah…this Putrajaya Shangri-La?? Where is this Tanjung Sepat place?
    I call you when I am back in July/August lah…

    I tell you ah….last week was mega-teruk for me lah. Hope from today is better liow.

  5. Tanjung Sepat!! We were there one week ago!! Now i only read your post. Look like a quite “famous” place ya? I like the food there!!

  6. Wah…. Sept 2010 is just 3 months away leh!

    I also decided not to post a lot of posts which I have kept in the KIV folder coz no time!

  7. kylie’s hair so long there….getting prettier 😀
    we missed trying the food at lover bridge rest during our last visit there, must go try the food one day but will minus playing the dirty water, had enuf jor 😦

  8. I thought my eyes so wrong …Hari Raya 2009 wor…you never fail to surprise and entertain me:) Love Kylie’s long hair…very “gian” to braid it up!

  9. Haha, I always believe in being “better late than never”. Your little girl is so pretty!

    Hope my little girl will look nice with a long hairstyle too. I was NEVER allowed to leave my hair long when little 😉

  10. Kieran has grown up a lot! She looks pretty in long hair!

  11. walau.. very outdated post this one..

    Now Ramadan month, see your 2009 Raya post pulak.

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