Happy Belated Birthday my dearest Loe Dau

My dearest Loe Dau (daddy),

Oh gosh, I actually missed your birthday! I’m so sorry….I wonder what happened?? It’s only when younger bro told me about celebrating mom’s birthday then only I remembered!! Hope you had a great time in heaven! (which I’m sure you did)

I have so much to tell you and don’t know where to start. It is getting really tough running the business alone and I know some people are taking advantage of me & also trying to steal our business away. I will try to persevere but for how long I am not sure. But I know God is there watching & taking care of things.

The kids have grown up quite a bit, especially Kieran. He’s put on weight and eats like an adult! I must thank you for your many tips in cooking, if not I will not be able to cook for the kids! I must say I have mastered the salt fried prawns quite well and I reckon if not better, it’s as good as how you used to cook them. However, Kieran doesn’t like to study and he’s not doing so well in school. I am trying to adopt your style but I think it’s not working with kids nowadays.

Kylie on the other hand is not that good an eater except for certain favourite food items. But she’s still growing very well and is super hyper! Most of the time she behave s like a boy but is able to switch back to girly mode when the need arises!!! She’s quite good in manipulating her daddy (like how I used to get my way around with you!!) and also is quite good in making mom happy, unlike me…yes…I’m still not in good terms with mom..hey since when was I ever in good terms with her anyway??!! Don’t worry, I still take care of her affairs and make sure she has enough money to spend and living comfortably (although I really don’t agree with her expenditure at the beauty salon!! I am sure you will not agree as well but I really can’t say anything…) Yes I know you will not be agreeing with my designer bags & shoes as well…please forgive me….I will forever be the “clay-purse” you used to call me….

Love and miss you always…


12 responses to “Happy Belated Birthday my dearest Loe Dau

  1. That was a really touching letter. I’m sure your dad enjoyed reading it. No need to write so much also cos I’m sure he is watching you all from heaven πŸ™‚

  2. Straight from the heart, this is most beautiful. How much can your Mom spend at the salon?! Give chance a bit la. You also know your designer habits are how shall I say? Frivolous? Sorry, that was meant for myself. I’m a sucker too but there comes a time when you may get down & out & realise, shit! All those bags are sitting in the wardrobe but you could have bought a new property instead! That’s happened to me before but do I learn? Not quite.

    On to a more cheerful note, yes! Your apah is definitely taking care of you. There is a reason for everything & I do hope you & your Mom can make amends to be friends one day, better late than never. Nobody is perfect but perhaps you could be the bigger person & be more accomodating? They are all old already la. Find it in your heart to accept & forgive *hugs*

  3. Oh, and I must add that your Apah would have liked to see you & Mom get along, but if she’s not willing, you just do the best you can & let go…..no more sadness in your heart. Just do your best & do what is right. *hugs again*

  4. happy belated birthday to your daddy too! πŸ™‚

  5. as usual touching words for yr dad πŸ˜€
    eh, my boys same like kieran lar….it’s saddening when they don’t like to study 😦
    i’m lost too !!

  6. Another year, another touching letter:) Daddy will be very happy that Kieran now has a voracious appetite and how Kylie is poh poh’s little sweet heart…your dad will also be so proud of ur “new look”.

  7. It has been ages I didn’t hop in here! Oh! How I like the way you keep your dad (and us) updated with the children’s progress! It’s so touching!

  8. Apatu clay purse?
    So you are Daddy’s girl also ….

  9. sigh..yea..daddy’s girls are the hardest hit. Time will heal, Amah!! You did as best as you could. We all have regrets about what we should have done before the demise, but what to do? Life goes on.

  10. I like how you still remember his birthday and post to him like he’s still around…

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