11 years….

It has been 11 years since you left us, as in physically, but there is not a day that you are not in my thoughts….I miss you so so so so much Loe Dau (daddy)…I can say this again & again & again…..

Recently there were two customers that called us & they kept telling me about how it was like dealing with you before.  They only had praises for you and that made me sad & proud at the same time…In fact most of the customers say good things about you and tend to compare my service to yours..I have not reached your standard of course but I will try my best…

The visit to your grave last Sunday was a pleasant one, Kylie tagged along. It was peaceful, except for one part when mom got upset again with younger bro’s statement. As usual…her temper is as bad if not worse…sometimes we do not know how to talk to her as we are afraid of her sudden outbursts..so I resort to NOT talking to her..that’s the best solution I guess…for me…

The latest news? Good news…third brother’s wife is expecting the 2nd child…Darren will be 2 years when 2nd baby comes along..perfect timing. Darren is getting really cheeky, is able to say many words..He’s the cutests ever! All of us love him to bits…especially Kylie. She loves being the “che che” (older sister), she loves to play with him & take care of him…

Signing off with love….


2 responses to “11 years….

  1. Wah! So fast ah, another baby on the way…Baby Darren is gonna be promoted so soon:) Congrats to your bro and sis-in-law.

  2. Hi Mommy,
    Let’s win cute slogan tees for your kids in conjunction with our blog launch!

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