About LaundryAmah

Well, this Amah is major 8 (busybody outgoing) one, likes to go kai kai (shopping/eating/yakking….) and of course cannot leave out the scold alot cos I have to scold everybody in order to get things done one!

I have two beautiful children who constantly drive me up the wall and also a hubby who also occasionally drives me up the wall, and of course a super inefficient and lazy maid to top it up! Always driven up the wall can be spiderwoman soon!

I’m a so-called laundry specialist, I try to teach people to go professional in their laundry business, which is the most difficult task in the world! You see, the laundries in our country may look darn good on the outside, but behind the scenes, most of them operate like di tepi sungai dobi lor..(ancient washing by the river).

Anyway you can reach me via email at laundryamah@gmail.com


11 responses to “About LaundryAmah

  1. Dear Laundryamah,

    I can’t find your email address in your blog. Something you wrote sometime back caught my interest. Would like to find out more. Can you provide me with your email adress? You can email me.


  2. Dear Laundryamah,

    I also cannot find your email address and lost the one you gave me. Can you send the password to my email: yfmami@gmail.com for your post on why you marry your Lao Kung tag. Thank you.

  3. Hi, amah, I am a new blogger. This is the first time I’m in your blog. Like your style. Thinking of may be we can be friend. Can I have your email too?

  4. dropping a note to say ‘hi’ and i’ll be back to read some more! it’s late got to sleep….oh! but wait! one more blog! i’m thinking to myself…look at that, i’m babbling. i’ll visit again!

  5. hi amah, i TOO can’t find your email, very private one leh? 😛
    email me at sweetpea_my@yahoo.com

    would love to meet up when u are next here in melb 🙂

  6. LOL…….another Lilian Chan? LOL. keep posting.


  7. Dear Laundryamah,

    Actually I was wondering how can u link me to yr contact “Dinah (Ashley & Aidan), probably can we be friend also. My email address is winniesim3@yahoo.com.sg. Thank you.

  8. Hi Laundry Amah 🙂 first i like your name, sounds very humble and approachable 😉 , sencondly thank you for hopping in my little land the other day, so i’m curious as always, want to find out more about this Laundry Amah loh. Enjoy reading your about your children and your HK trip sounded great too. your food pictures also made me drool….. so i will come back again to kacau kacau when available ok 😉 thanks again.

  9. Hi there,

    Could you please advise on your rates for advertorial write-up and banner ad space.

    Also, do you work with direct advertisers or are you signed exclusively with Nuffnang?

    Kindly revert.



  10. Dear Laundryamah,
    Could you be kind enough to let me know the name of Mrs Wong Physiotherapy Clinic in SS2?
    Thank you very very much! 🙂

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