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11 years….

It has been 11 years since you left us, as in physically, but there is not a day that you are not in my thoughts….I miss you so so so so much Loe Dau (daddy)…I can say this again & again & again…..

Recently there were two customers that called us & they kept telling me about how it was like dealing with you before.  They only had praises for you and that made me sad & proud at the same time…In fact most of the customers say good things about you and tend to compare my service to yours..I have not reached your standard of course but I will try my best…

The visit to your grave last Sunday was a pleasant one, Kylie tagged along. It was peaceful, except for one part when mom got upset again with younger bro’s statement. As usual…her temper is as bad if not worse…sometimes we do not know how to talk to her as we are afraid of her sudden I resort to NOT talking to her..that’s the best solution I guess…for me…

The latest news? Good news…third brother’s wife is expecting the 2nd child…Darren will be 2 years when 2nd baby comes along..perfect timing. Darren is getting really cheeky, is able to say many words..He’s the cutests ever! All of us love him to bits…especially Kylie. She loves being the “che che” (older sister), she loves to play with him & take care of him…

Signing off with love….


Happy Belated Birthday my dearest Loe Dau

My dearest Loe Dau (daddy),

Oh gosh, I actually missed your birthday! I’m so sorry….I wonder what happened?? It’s only when younger bro told me about celebrating mom’s birthday then only I remembered!! Hope you had a great time in heaven! (which I’m sure you did)

I have so much to tell you and don’t know where to start. It is getting really tough running the business alone and I know some people are taking advantage of me & also trying to steal our business away. I will try to persevere but for how long I am not sure. But I know God is there watching & taking care of things.

The kids have grown up quite a bit, especially Kieran. He’s put on weight and eats like an adult! I must thank you for your many tips in cooking, if not I will not be able to cook for the kids! I must say I have mastered the salt fried prawns quite well and I reckon if not better, it’s as good as how you used to cook them. However, Kieran doesn’t like to study and he’s not doing so well in school. I am trying to adopt your style but I think it’s not working with kids nowadays.

Kylie on the other hand is not that good an eater except for certain favourite food items. But she’s still growing very well and is super hyper! Most of the time she behave s like a boy but is able to switch back to girly mode when the need arises!!! She’s quite good in manipulating her daddy (like how I used to get my way around with you!!) and also is quite good in making mom happy, unlike me…yes…I’m still not in good terms with mom..hey since when was I ever in good terms with her anyway??!! Don’t worry, I still take care of her affairs and make sure she has enough money to spend and living comfortably (although I really don’t agree with her expenditure at the beauty salon!! I am sure you will not agree as well but I really can’t say anything…) Yes I know you will not be agreeing with my designer bags & shoes as well…please forgive me….I will forever be the “clay-purse” you used to call me….

Love and miss you always…

10 years has gone by so quickly..

Dear Loe Dau,

It’s been 10 years. I can’t believe this, but it’s 10 years now. I still miss you and still ask the same questions again and again. But on the other hand I am glad you are not here to see what has happened to us.

However, don’t worry too much, I’m trying or maybe not hard enough, but I am. I will try to keep the business running, with God’s help of course. I am not sure how long, but will do so at least until mom goes to meet you.

You have an additional grandchild and his name is Darren! He is the cutest baby ever! Serious, cutest among the rest and he looks exactly like your youngest son! He’s chubby and is a very happy baby and is very mild mannered, even his cries are gentle. I couldn’t believe my ears when mom actually commented that he looked like your older son! NO WAY ok!

Your other grandchildren are doing ok, they are growing well.

Love the place where your body was laid to rest, that morning we were there, it was peaceful, serene…made me wanting to book a place there too. Should I? However, I’m thinking of the “condo” lots instead of the “semi-ds” cos the price doubled in 10 years!

Anyway, till we meet again…..I will miss you still….

You would’ve been 70 today….

if you were still alive….Oh Loe dau, we would have been celebrating your birthday with a big party today,…or maybe you would have been fishing since today is Sunday…Happy Birthday..wherever you are…I know you would be celebrating today humbly as you always did…

If you were alive, I can imagine..your grandchildren would have been ecstatic, gearing for the cake cutting session, fighting for the spot nearest to the cake all of them will be fighting to blow the candles and I can imagine you standing close by beaming from ear to ear…You definitely would be a great grandfather (of course, since you were a great dad), and naturally the kids would have loved you to bits..

If you were alive…I wonder, which cake will I bake for you today…hmmm…most probably a cheese cake since I remember you loved to eat ’em…I recall the day when I first baked a cheese cake and brought it to you in the office. You said these words…

“Did you keep some for your mother? You should you know, she’s the one with the money…I don’t have money and I don’t have properties…so make sure you bring some home for her…remember ah…”

You always say stuff like that even though I tried my best to be nice..but I know you never meant to be mean of course. I knew you really appreciated the stuff I made, even though it didn’t taste very good, you were always ready to criticise, saying it was so bad, the dog too didn’t even want to eat it..but I know you were proud of me…were you? I don’t recall how many times I have tried to poison feed you with the many things I baked/cooked, but I remember that you ALWAYS criticised…but I never took the criticism badly cos I know you loved me too much to hurt me..

If you were alive..

if you were alive….I would have hugged you, as I don’t think I have hugged you before…and also say this…

“Happy birthday my dear Loe Dau…I love you so much….”

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In Loving Memory of LaundryAhKung

9 years have passed since you left us. I miss you…terribly still. Especially now, with the situation in the office. I know what has happened in the business will definitely break your heart but I can’t control the situation. I didn’t ask for it to be this way. With God’s strength I will persevere, with memories of how you pulled thru all those years, I will hold on to as my motivation to go on..I really don’t understand why this has to happen and for 3 generations in a this some sort of a curse or what? I rather not think of it that way…

The kids came along to visit your grave. Kylie of course has no idea what’s going and just thought it was a normal outing, only thing the sky was still dark when we left the house. We had to stopover at McDonalds as the kids were making noise asking for food. Mom and brothers arrived first and cleaned up the place (I don’t understand why as it’s already quite clean and well maintained but mom insists..). Kylie climbed up and stepped on where you were laid to rest, jumping up and down! I took pictures but my younger brother didn’t like it and said that you would be angry with her…I don’t think so lor..remember crazy horse? You used to give me crazy horse rides on your thighs? I would always say faster faster…it was so fun…remember I used to rub my face against the stubbles on your cheek? I am sure you will remember that!

We all miss you very much…till we meet again….

In Memory of LaundryAhKung

Time flies…you have left us for 8 years already…again today we are not able to be at the grave since it’s a weekday, and I think LaundryApoh forgot about this since she didn’t say anything about visiting your grave.

Many of your friends still remember you (yes we still receive calls from people asking for you!) and just a few days ago, your ex-staff came to the office and said something good about you…(I was like ya right, when you were alive he lied and spent a lot of company’s money for nothing and practically destroyed 2 of company’s vehicles). Nevertheless, he still looked up to you with respect, I am not sure if it’s just for show but he did…

The kids are growing up and they are well and healthy, very naughty at times but I know if you are still around, they will even be more naughty as you will spoil them rotten, especially Kylie…I know you will….If you are still here,  you will bring the kids out for breakfast at Sec 14 chee cheong fun and lunch at Yook Woo Hin during the weekends… sigh…. I just feel so sorry that the kids are not able to enjoy that with you… But I keep reminding them about you and how you would react or think or say in certain circumstances..

Anyway, one more happy news for you is your youngest son is getting married and he is so blessed to find a girl who’s really accomodating and nice… (cos she can actually live with Apoh, your wife!!). The house is also being renovated and upgraded too, a mess and yes we have added aircons (I know you will disapprove… but have to la.. cos your grandchildren are very spoilt very hot ma..).

The business is doing fine, not making like millions but enough for all of us, I know the business is the product of your hardwork and you practically built it up from nothing, my only regret again I have to say is not being able to maintain the factory lot in Puchong.. I just drove past it the other day and I felt soooo bad… I’m sorry dad..