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It’s  been a long time, this post has been in my draft like forever but I didn’t have enough time loading the photos…so here’ some updates on my cooking scenes…

A rare occasion, where the kids are helping out. We were peeling soya bean skin…

My latest craze now..baking bread…I must say…it’s pretty easy and I don’t think I will be buying bread anymore…

Lazy bento….wakakakakaka..not much imagination here…

mega messy one..suppose to have the sun n clouds n suddenly there’s a bear riding on top of a car!

I think I like it covered up liddis better…

My 1st attempt to make chicken nuggets as I was travelling and worried the maid couldn’t handle the food for Kieran’s lunch. Kept them frozen and all the maid had to do was just fry it on low fire to serve..

Looks ok but it has not much taste according to the kids… 😦 but with sause I guess it was ok..


Kylie turned 4 today

Happy birthday my dearest Princess! May God bless you richly and keep you safe & healthy always!

There’s no celebration, but I baked a Princess cake for her and brought it to the school. Took me the whole morning as the fondant kinda didn’t work out too well. Somehow, just couldn’t get the texture to roll out as a big piece of skirt so I ended up rolling up snakes, making it like rope skirt!! It was so tiring…I’m almost collapsing now as I’m typing this…

Don’t ask me about the mess on the skirt…don’t know what I did! Yucks! And I was too lazy to mix another colour for the can you see Kylie’s name on the skirt??

Nevertheless, eventho I thot the cake looked hideous but the kids and the teachers were so impressed!

The girl was very happy, her friends sang her the Happy Birthday song…


This is going to be a mixture of events and quite a long winded post..


There was once my in-laws proudly told me that Kieran was very enterprising as he was telling them about selling his “masterpieces”. I didn’t take much notice and brushed it aside. Then on Monday I saw one of his “masterpiece” which has this on the bottom, RM3/5..

I couldn’t take the whole of the picture..I find it kinda scary..

Me-What are you going to do with this drawing?

K-Sell to my friend..

Me-Who’s going to buy from you?

K-Joshua la…

Me-Really? I think you buy from him also, am I right?

He’s looking down on the floor with his classic guilty face..

Me-Hello,,answer me! Have YOU bought from him also?? (volumn up) You better answer me or else no dinner!

K-(looked up slowly) and nodded his head..

Me-What? Yes or no?

K-(in a small small voice) yes..

Me-I’m so disappointed in you, how much did you pay for one drawing?

K- RM3

Me-Are you sure?


I went on to lecture him about the importance of money and the money was given to him for emergency purposes, extra food, need to make phone call etc..but definitely not for this purpose. Then I made him kneel on the cold hard floor and pull his ears till my MIL coaxed him to say sorry. It took him quite some time to do that..showing again how stubborn he is! Mind you, he was actually very hungry and we were all eating dinner while he was kneeling!


We went back to ApOh’s place for 2 days as she went travelling again. I had to babysit my little nephew so we brought him to the office. He’s so adorable and of course all eyes and attention went to him. Poor Kylie didn’t like it at all and was soooo jealous. The night before ApOh left, ApOh was scolding her maid..

K-Why u scold kakak (maid)? afturds (afterwards) she don’t (will not) cook for you, how?

I was so surprised she said this as I TOO always scold my maid but she has not said this to me, but then again, I cook most of the time so maybe she didn’t see that as a threat to me! hahahahaha…

My nephew, a splitting image of his daddy (my younger bro)!

He was not used to the environment in our office and was probably looking for ApOh, so he was crying all the time, the maid carrying him rocking him up and down also didn’t help! He only fell asleep out of exhaustion!


I haven’t had much time to prepare bentos for the kids…and here are 2 miserable ones I managed to make one day..

For Kylie, no space for the had to put in another container..

The egg was supposed to be in the shape of a star but I didn’t clip on properly so it went out of shape! So I disguised it lor..this one is for Kieran…good thing he didn’t complain about the deco!

I’ve been on a bread baking frenzy..and the first attempt was brioche from a Chef Wan recipe and I was surprised at the amount of butter that was required…but the aroma from the oven was heavenly….

Tasted heavenly too…(fresh from the oven la..but after a while it turns kinda hard..I was told it’s bcos the commercial ones had bread improver and softerner..but they r not exactly healthy ingredients…)

My 2008 Christmas Baking..

Cupcakes for a Secondary School Reunion

Arranged on my Ikea 3-tier serving tray..nice leh…

Mini Christmas cakes for my neighbour and for my Christmas dinner parties (Kieran loved this cake so much..)

Snowmen Cotton Cheesecakes for my nephews who came back from Jakarta (One of them just ate the icing!)

Pineapple tarts for my buddy who came back from the US with my Wilton pens and flower cutter set!

Now it’s time for Chinese New Year cookies…my oven will be very very busy from now on…



Updates…upcoming updates…

Hello everybody! Happy December! Time flies and I don’t have enough time of course to update my updates! Oh gosh what the heck am I babbling about. Anyways…my 10th Wedding anniversary came and gone in a flash and a pool of shi*ts while we were in Penang. And then Kieran’s 8th was a blast but the poor birthday boy was still down with food poisoning!

Anyways, photos from the Penang trip is yet to come…sorry…it will take some time as I will be busy for the rest of the week..weyo?? Me and my big mouth generous heart, offered to bake cup cakes for our upcoming School reunion party this weekend. So, I have to start preparing the fondant decoration and of course start baking the cuppies and storing them in the freezer first.

The long weekend came and gone too. We spent the whole of Monday shopping for myself Christmas and ended up with a new dress, 2 tops, 2 pairs of 3/4 pants and a very sexy pair of heels! (I have not the time to even blog about my other 2 pairs which I bought out of frustration last month!! Bleah!) Ok ok…yap yap yap and no pictures..really no fun hor??? Ok be patient la! Just you wait!! Just you wait!! Wakakakakakaka…

Arghhhhhhhhhh….3 more weeks to school reopens…fai tit la…wey!

Evening beside the lake..

A couple of weeks ago, my dear friend came from Sabah and was staying with her brother who happens to live quite close to us. I made donuts and called them to make them my guinea pigs share with them. We met at the park beside the lake. They were feeding the fish and tortoise in the lake when we arrived. Kieran and Kylie were really excited too as they love feeding the fish. They brought along the leftover fish food and of course the donuts for our friends..

My mini donuts…first attempt…turned out quite ok but I found it a tad too hard..

My friend fed her son with one hand first….

and she was carelessly holding the container in the other hand…and then…

















down went the container into the lake….

and my donuts became fish food!

Apoh’s Birthday-backdated

It was Apoh’s birthday on 25 July and we had actually planned to go out for steam boat but I thought my sis-in-law was going to inform the birthday girl and she thought I would inform so at the end what happened?? Birthday girl cooked dinner herself! *piak piak* tsk tsk tsk…. “har yee but how..” (we were not filial to her)

However, I had prepared the cupcakes before hand, baked some over the weekend but we ate some so I had to bake again and as usual I had not much time at home as I reach home about 10.30 pm during the weekdays. No choice, I started baking despite it being late and finished just past midnight!

The morning of her birthday, I got the kids to run to her wishing her happy birthday and gave her hugs & kisses. I think that was her best present of all. As usual the kids were more excited they were fighting to blow the candles.

I tried to finish up work early that day to complete my cakes with decoration. It was quite a rush job and the below was what I could manage to come up with.

As I was busy arranging the cakes, Apah was taking pictures and a lot of them were not publishable! Too bad…See the distorted “67” figures…hahaha..shaky fingers la…yes Apoh turned 67..

Hope she wasn’t too disappointed that she had to cook dinner for her birthday! But I am sure she was disappointed that her other son & family didn’t come celebrate with her…don’t know the reason why they didn’t turn up..