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Hari Raya Break 2009

Yeah yeah…so outdated…but still have to record down for memories sake. Booked into the Shangri-la Putrajaya (yes o-gain) together with Mom of 3 Angels. She brought along 2 angels only. ML arrived early & managed to get us an upgrade to the rooms with the city view. I love going there during festive holidays like this as the town is like a ghost town….so quiet, so peaceful.

It was just an overnight stay but the car was packed so full. We even brought along water in a few containers as we planned to go to Bagan Lalang the following day.

The kids had so much fun at the pool. Kieran tried the jacuzzi in the polside toilet. It was indeed relaxing as we had the whole place to ourselves!!

We were too lazy to go out for dinner & settled for the yuckiest food ever at the hotel’s cafe. It was the Hari Raya break, so we really couldn’t ask for anything more…just ate & went back to the room. The kids continued to play games together.

We went swimming again the next morning..I think..Memory is failing me big time…can’t remember if we had breakfast there or not..but most likely we did. We checked out & off we went to Bagan Lalang.

The kids played sand but I didnt encourage them to get into the sea water as I thot it was too dirty…We didnt stay that long as everyone was getting hungry.

We had lunch at Lovers Bridge Restaurant at Tanjung Sepat. That’s our favourite makan (eating) place. Apah had 2 of his colleagues join us for lunch. Food was good as usual. We had to leave early as ML had to rush back due to family matters. It was a short break but nevertheless, we had a good time, especially the kids!


Long Weekend-cont’d Penang

Notice the operating hrs sign? From 10.30 am to Habis ok!

After finishing (slurpss) the Funny Mountain tau foo fah, we left for Penang. Traffic was smooth all the way, since it’s the 2nd day of the weekend. First stop was lunch at this seaside place Alice recommended, forgot the name! Alice and family waited along the way for us and off we went together. The meal was really good, the fist was fresh. However, the restaurant doesn’t look too good, especially the fact that they are old, they have dogs all over the place! Emm..not very hygienic la..However, we were free from diarhea this time. Hallelujah!!!

Next stop was delivering some chemicals to my customer (Amah always bring some work in her breakaways..try to make back some $$ la..). Good thing customer was around and wrote me the cheque! Phew!

Tried to get some apam along the way (Jalan Burma, right in front of some shops next to a school) but that guy (with misai, don’t go to the wrong one, cos we went to the wrong one and ended up with food poisoning!) was booked with 100+ pieces and I couldn’t wait that long..the other crispy apam guy (this one is in Pulau Tikus, opposite the police station, stall outside a coffee shop) was just opening his stall, no luck there either..

Off we went to the hotel and it was raining along the way. It was still drizzling when we arrived and guess what? There was no covered lobby to drop off the passengers and luggage and the parking in front of the doorway were all occupied! Then we saw an empty lot with the “NO PARKING” sign but we of course ignored the sign since we needed to load the luggage and kids. I noticed there was a hotel staff holding a broom (but he was not sweeping) and he kept staring at us the whole time, from the time we parked, and loading the luggage and the kids. Then as I walked towards the door, he stopped me and told me that we were not allowed to park there. That was when I blew it and scolded him.

Me-I am aware that we cannot park here but we have not finished unloading the luggage and things. Where is the bell service? Can’t you help us get some help here? If we have some help here, the process can be sped up and we will be out of this NO PARKING area!

Cleaner-I don’t know where the bell boy is…

I was too tired to continue scolding him so I just walked off..

Then as I was waiting in the lobby, that stupid guy suddenly came up to me..

Guy-Sorry miss, I was just trying to tell you nicely that you can’t park your car there..I respect you, you must respect me also la..

Me-(WTF!!) Hello! I already told you we know that we are not able to park there. We are educated people, but I was angry with the fact that you just stood there staring at us while we struggled to get the umbrella and shaded the kids one by one and we had to carry the luggage, piece by piece and you didn’t do anything! It may not be your job but the least that you could do was run in to get help for us. Didn’t you realise we are the guests of this freaking hotel?

How dare he confront me like this? Who the f*%& does he think he is? The hotel was not exactly cheap! Ok by now you may want to know what shitty hotel this is, it’s the Holiday Shack Inn. Some of you may know, that this stupid place is divided by the road, one section is on the beach and the other is on the other side of the road. As we booked so late, we only managed to get this shack hotel and it was definitely not my first choice! I really have not come across a hotel of this standard which didn’t have the shaded drop off area! Too much, the architect that designed this place should be shot! Or maybe it was the owner who wanted to save some bucks here.

The receptionist was very apologetic but it was not his fault! Then the stupid guy didn’t stop there, suddenly there was this guy from Security with the walkie talkie who came up to Apah.

Security-What’s the problem here?

Wahhhh this time, Apah blew his fuse. For those who knows Apah, he’s one of the most patient type of guys around but this time, this ticked him bad, so bad….

Apah-What security procedure did we violate by parking there for a few minutes for loading our luggage ourselves? Tell me! (Volume = loud & stern and eyes almost popped out)

This time the receptionist pun walked out of this booth and tried to calm Apah and me down. I mean, we were guests who paid good money (money paid upfront upon booking on the internet) for a relaxing holiday and was that the way the hotel supposed to treat us?

Apah-Who is your Manager on duty? I want to see him/her now? (he thundered…)

Apah walked over the reception where the Duty Manager’s name was placed.

Receptionist-I’m soooo sorry, he’s not around

Apah-What do you mean by not around? Isn’t he the Duty manager who is supposed to be ON DUTY NOW?? Who is the person next in line, I want to see him/her now! I mean NOW!
The receptionist quickly gave us the room keys and sent us up the room but Apah refused to go up till he met with the Duty Manager and spoke his mind on this matter. Good thing the room was good, we had a good view and it was spacious. They gave us the extra bed at no cost but I reckon they could have done better than that.

Ok back to happier moments….EATING time…

Dinner was at Bee Hooi Pulau Tikus but the standard of the “Or Chien” (fried Oyster with egg) has deteriorated…not too good. Char Kuey Teow was just as good. Then we had to wait for the Asam Laksa stall to open cos they open later than the other stalls…so action….weyo? Their laksa damn good lor…Then Alice & Sue came to join us but Sue couldn’t sit down with us as her prince found the coffee shop too hot & noisy for his liking. So they ended up waiting at the Baskin Robbins next door waiting for us to finish our food.

More in the next post…

Evening beside the lake..

A couple of weeks ago, my dear friend came from Sabah and was staying with her brother who happens to live quite close to us. I made donuts and called them to make them my guinea pigs share with them. We met at the park beside the lake. They were feeding the fish and tortoise in the lake when we arrived. Kieran and Kylie were really excited too as they love feeding the fish. They brought along the leftover fish food and of course the donuts for our friends..

My mini donuts…first attempt…turned out quite ok but I found it a tad too hard..

My friend fed her son with one hand first….

and she was carelessly holding the container in the other hand…and then…

















down went the container into the lake….

and my donuts became fish food!

Day Trip to Ipoh

It’s been ages since I’ve been up north and since my cousin from Sydney is here I drove him up to Ipoh for some good food and also to meet up with our 2 other cousins who lives in Ipoh.

We left quite late as we dilly dallied we were on our way around 10+ in the morning. We stopped over Bidor for the duck leg noodles. The noodles is very different from the ones here, crispier and doesn’t have any boric acid after taste. I drank all the soup as it was sooooo yummy! Sorry was too excited and gobbled up the noodles before taking a photo!

Arrived Ipoh at about 1.30 pm. First stop has to be Old Town Kong Heng Coffee Shop lerr…

Again I forgot to take the picture of the noodles but here’s the empty bowl…

We also had popiah also, it was so yummilicious lor…

As if not enough, we walked next door to this coffee shop called Thean Chun, it’s actually right next to Kong Heng.

We had the famous steamed egg custard caramel & egg tong sui…

Then my cousin said the kuey teow soup at Thean Chun is better than Kong Heng so I mai try lor…(yes 2nd bowl…ok ok la…not that bad cos the first bowl was shared with Apah..and so was this one..)

After that only was I satisfied! Burp…

Actually not lor…we continued our journey to search for Funny Mountain for the smoothest, softest tau fu fa. This place is just opposite the famous Foh San Dim Sum.

After that only were we satisfied to the max and off we went to visit our cousins (daughters of the uncle in China).

Thanks to cousin Yong for her excellent memory we were able to find all the food destinations and of course the Ipoh cousins’ residence

After that we left to get the famous Ipoh Heong Peah from Gunung Rapat, which is the factory. I usually buy from the shop in town but according to cousin Yong, it’s more fresh from the factory..naturally lerrrrr…There was this unique display in front of that shop, displaying the items that the Chinese traditional wedding requires. Sorry the photo is not so clear as I took it thru the window…

After that I met up with my customer as he has the jalan(way) to the sweetest pamelos from Tambun. When we arrived the shop was already closed but thank goodness the shopkeeper lives there and we were able to ask them to re-open the shop! By that time it was time for dinner and off we went in search of a place recommended by cousin Yong’s friend. We have only very vague description of the place so we had a bit of problems looking for the place. We made a few rounds and finally gave up and went to another place which again have only very agak agak (rough) knowledge where it was!

We finally found it and indeed it was a popular restaurant as it was full house!

The kids fooling around while waiting for food…

One rapper and another violinist…

By the time we were about to finish I realised it was quite late. I immediately thought I should bring the kids to my family friend’s place for a quick shower so they can change into their PJs and let them sleep in peace all the way home. I walked out of the noisy restaurant to make a phonecall and before I could end the phone call I saw the family friend’s grandma, then the mom, then the father! wahhhh we were practically squealing! They were “scolding” me for not calling them to inform that I was in Ipoh. Then I realised the whole family was in Ipoh. What a coincidence! Ipoh can’t be that small?? Anyway it was really a great reunion as I haven’t seen some of them like for donkey years as some are living in New Zealand. We quickly rushed back to the house and showered the kids in a jiffy and had some catch up time with my childhood friends but we couldn’t catch up for long as it was already 11 pm!

All in all, it was like the most fruitful trip ever to Ipoh accomplished in one day!!

Another eating session..

Angeleyes was in town and of course we have to meet and eat!!! We gathered a few others, Angie, Nyonyapenang, King’s Wife & Angel came along and we met at Midvalley. We couldn’t decide to eat where and I decided to eat at this Taiwanese restaurant which I saw while walking down the escalator from the car park floor. The setting sort of captivated me and thought it was quite a good place to eat.

The place not only looks good, the service was excellent and the food was also very good. Well, only thing the menu had a few spelling errors which we were thinking aloud whether it was done deliberately or what..

We had a jolly good time eating of course and even continued our eating session at Alexis and both King’s Wife & myself couldn’t resist ordering the tiramisu!

HK Day 4

After leaving my friend’s place, we left for HK island as it’s time for my major shopping at the warehouse at Ap Lei Chau. I never fail to visit this place each time I am in HK. My damages were however shortened due to my friend (Mr D, the one whom Kieran interrogated the day before…obviously he didn’t have enough of it!) who came to meet up for a cuppa again. I was about to look at shoes and he called! Dang! Being Amah, the ever so polite and ultimate 8 poh friendly person…I sacrificed my shopping time to meet him lor..Nevertheless the damages were 2 tops and a skirt from Lane Crawford outlet store. That’s the place I got like at least 5 pairs of shoes during my last trip. Unfortunately, there weren’t many good finds and of course due to my shortened time there.

The cafe we had our cuppa was in the same building, it was quite a unique place, as there were not many tables but there was a big play area for kids. Kieran totally enjoyed himself there while we chatted..(thank GOD!).

Full set of Oven/stove, pots n pans, larder & Fridge!

The “chef” serving his dish… no…it was a pretty blonde girl!

She sat patiently waiting for Kieran to cook for her…

After the cuppa we left and walked out to the other warehouse which was SPACE selling off season Prada and Miu Miu. Along the way Kieran was chatting with Mr D. He again asked him funny questions and I can’t remember most of them except for this..

K-Do you have a girlfriend now?



Suddenly Kieran pushed me towards Mr D..

K-My mummy be your girlfriend la!

Me-KIERAN! Stop it! Don’t be ridiculous! Better not simply say things if not I will get into unnecessary trouble ok! *roll eyes*

I again was so embarrassed and wished there was a big hole on the ground that would just swallow me up!

Good thing the walk was not that long…so once we reached SPACE, Mr D waved goodbye…yeah goodbye…*don’t call me again!!…Please!!!*

The time at Prada was short and sweet and I bought a waistpouch, a bag and a blouse. Since the exchange rate was favourable, I bought the blouse. Usually I only indulge in the bags…ngek ngek ngek..

After Prada…went out to meet Uncle David and Aunty Fiona for dinner at TST. Didn’t want to go there really as the MTR fare was kinda pricey…actually it didn’t make much sense as we were staying on HK island, and where we shopped was on HK island too..but I guess it was ok after the dinner we had was quite worth it afterall…

We ordered a set dinner for 2 persons as the set comprised of a wide variety of dishes and just added a fried rice for Kieran. The set meal comprised of sharks fin soup, lobster baked in cheese sause, steam fish, vege fried with scallops, lotus leaf rice plus dessert. We really enjoyed the meal, especially Kieran who’s not a fan for food…he loved the lobster! We had toasted bread to dip into the cheese sause too…yummmz..

After dinner, the action didn’t end there and we made way to Mong Kok. Talk about it in the next post…









Weirdest moment..HK Day Day 3 cont’d

Picking up from my last post re meeting with my university mate whom I found on Facebook! Ok this friend is quite a unique person, in fact weird..nevertheless, he was nice enough to meet me and buy me tea. Soon Kieran dominated the conversation and asked him all sorts of questions and this question nearly made me choke on my sandwich…

Kieran-When you sleep with your girlfriend do you take off your shirt??

My friend- *grinning & speechless*

Me-OMG! I DID NOT teach him this ok! Don’t think weird ah!!! Kieran! No manners, young kids cannot ask such questions! *smack!!*


I was soooo embarrassed ok..I really didn’t know what to say except that I don’t know where he learn to ask such questions. In fact Kieran did go on asking questions…and my friend kept turning to me and said this…

Friend-Your son is very interesting…intriguing…

*roll eyes* no comment!

My friend had to go off to another appointment (Thank God!) and we parted and we ventured off to shop and Kieran could recognise the place and kept pointing to me, there was the place we ate, that’s the place we stayed…bla bla…wow that was quite good memory as the last time we were there was in June 07. These kind of things so good memory, when it comes to more serious stuff like his music notes and school work cannot remember!

It was only a short while shopping as I was tired and decided to go back to the apartment. “Qu cheh” was busy and couldn’t have dinner with us so her maid cooked for us. It was a simple dinner with the chinese new year waxed sausage but it was best tasting sausage I ever had! It was from the famous Yung Kee at Central HK, next to Lan Kwai Fong. This restaurant is famous for its roasted goose.

We quickly took our showers before “Qu cheh” comes back as there is only one bathroom and/or toilet. Kieran was screaming once I turned off the shower as it was brrrrr cold. The apartment is on the 28th floor and is located slightly uphill…so that explains the cold..

When “Qu cheh” came back, I gave her a good massage after her shower. She was overworked due to the festive season and also the fact that Valentines Day was 2 days away. She said that I should come more often to massage her! My reward? Free stay at her place la!

The next morning we had the bestest homemade “Lorbak ko”. I asked “Qu cheh” to teach me how to make it but she said it’s pointless as we are not able to find the good ingredients back in KL! Potong steam nya!!!!

After breakfast, we took it easy and went down to the supermarket to buy some gifts as I was visiting my university mate. She gave birth to “Long Foong Thoi” (twins, one girl and one boy). She was located in Kowloon and we had to take MTR and then a taxi to her place. She gave me the English address but the taxi driver couldn’t understand me! So I had to call her to ask her again for the Cantonese version…..