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Shenzhen-HK Day 3

We ventured off further to find a breakfast place and found one descent ala HK style “char chan teng” (coffee shop) and the weirdest part was there was a waitress there that looks exactly like my previous maid, only fairer! So freaky ok! Anyway, the food was ok & cheap.

Before packing our stuff and checked out, I went for a hairwash and it cost me RMB15 only!! So the cheapest neh! We walked to the Luohu Checkpoint as it’s only 10 minutes walk and the weather was superb for walking anyway. They have separate entry level for overseas travellers from the local Chinese & HK travellers so the queue was not long.

There was this Japanese guy standing in front of me and I noticed he kept turning around and has this “yum yum sup sup” (horny) smile. Of course not looking at me la! I slowly turned around to find out who’s he looking at and saw this China Doll girl standing there waving and smiling shyly at the Jap guy. No need to ask la…must be eh hemm eh hemmm girlfriend la…Then the girl walked towards the guy and they whispered into each other’s ear, like so happy and se-weet se-weet..liddat lor…Amah mia interpretation of their conversation..

Girl-Last night u were great…

Guy-I’m glad you enjoyed yourself..

Girl-When are you coming again? I’ll miss you lots..

Guy-I will try my best and come down again next week..but you know..I can’t make it too obvious by coming over too often…my tigress at home may suspect ma…

Girl-yehhh..*twisting body and pouting lips*

Ok ok..the above conversation is purely fictatious and derived from Amah’s mia imagination ok!! Don’t sue me ah!

As they exchanged whispers, the Japanese guy started to sweat!’s quite cold that morning ok…and he was just standing there come start sweating geh? Anyway, the girl took out a tissue to dap on his forehead to wipe the sweat away..heeheeheeheee….”sei hum sup loh… ” whispering oso can sweat…blechhhh (sorry no photos…already eavesdropping…cannot be too obvious right??kekekekekke)

The crossover went smoothly, and we were in HK in just 15 minutes! Quickly bought our Octopus travelling cards. Kids are entitled half price fares so you must specify you want a child card. I called my “qu cheh” (friend) to tell her we are on our way to her place. She thought I was going to stay in a hotel but I asked her if we could stay in her place before we came wor! Wah,,good thing she didn’t have any other she had to tidy up her apartment to receive us like immediately! She lives alone so her apartment is quite small, can’t blame her la…

The train ride was about 2o minutes to the maid Kowloon East Station. We had to change to TST station which is connected to Kowloon East station. The system is HK is so super duper effiecient…they have walkalators to help us walk with ease. The MTR trains are frequent like every 5 minutes or less..and we were on our way to “qu cheh”‘s place at Tai Koo. Since our luggage were still relatively light and easy to handle, I decided to take the train all the way to save on taxi fare. The walk up to “qu cheh”‘s apartment was kinda tough as it’s uphill all the way! Had to start taking out my scarf then my windbreaker….in fact it’s warmer here compared to Shenzhen.

“Qu cheh”‘s place gets “smaller” each time I go there..the last time I went, she added a fridge in her already cramped living room and now with the festive decoration, the apartment somehow looks more cramped…

The above lovely peonies greeted us as we walked in the apartment. “Qu cheh” is a florist and she’s quite popular among the rich and famous…In fact she was supposed to come to Msia before Chinese New Year but she was not allowed leave as it was during that time where speculation of the death of the late Lydia Shum was going on..

After we left our stuff in the apartment,”Qu cheh” said she had to go as she’s busy so we made our way out too and met a long time friend in Causeway Bay…I haven’t seen this guy since 1993 after we graduated. I actually found him on facebook! Cool huh? Anyway..the conversation we had over tea was really interesting…will talk about that in my next post…


So sad…… :'(

Got to take a break from Shenzhen-HK rendesvouz… cos on Monday I received the saddest news ever… I was at the saloon as usual having a gala time, chewing on chips and suddenly I received an sms from Angie (Oscar’s mommy). She told me that she has to resign to help her hubby. Meaning she’s going to be “si thau por”, so it was like a very weird feeling, as a friend, I’m sooo happy for her, but as an employer, I was devastated! The chips that I was chewing on just now suddenly tasted bad and I stopped eating it…The holiday I was planning for end of the year also scrapped leow….

Remember I mentioned before how thankful I have Angie as my assistant, she’s really been (still is) a great help and I can totally rely on her and she can manage my business very well without me around. So much so till I sometimes always take her for granted, always going away for shopping seeing customers & holidays till she gets overloaded with work. She has never complained nor voiced out and never fails to greet me with a smile in her normal cheerful self each morning!

So you tell me, am I going to miss her or not?? Of course la! We have been friends for more than 10 years woi! And we have been so close that we can talk about anything under the sun….I am really going to miss that and of course our hyena laughing!! We have grown to be so alike and at times, our customers cannot tell us apart over the phone! Even when they meet us, they ask if we were sisters! Yeah, she’s the sister to me that I never had…and I can totally share my deepest & darkest secret with her! Hey but then again, we will still meet la…right? Angie??

So to assess how crazy this has been,  King’s wife sms to me yesterday reminded me of something…

KW – “your favourite sale of all time is starting tomorrow wor 🙂 how’s things?”

KW was reminding me of the Ikea sale la..what else? I usually get very kanchiong (excited) over the sale and will plan ahead on the logistics and how I can reach the sale on time but somehow lost the enthusiasm until KW reminded me…so I went la of course! But since I was not as enthusiastic as before I only arrived there around 9 + am. (The last time I was there before 7 am!)

So, right now I am busy looking for someone new to join me, so if you are funny and willing to work while the boss is always away, please do drop me a note! No special qualifications is required, just a willing heart and positive attitude will do!

Eat eat Gathering & Picasso in the making..

Yesterday we had a eating gathering & it turned out to be more of a laughing gathering and my side hurt like mad from all the eating & laughing…

We had something different this time, away from the commercial restaurants, this restaurant is in a house, with no signboard..and dinner has to be ordered one day in advance subject to availability..they serve the Hakka Lui Char (some mixed vege & rice with tea) & Hakka “Pun Choi” (mixture of veg, meat, seafood, abalone, scallops all in one dish). We had “Pun Choi” and it was not bad…Location : No.67 Jalan Gasing, 46000 Petaling Jaya. Tel No.

We were supposed to have 10 people as the dish was prepared for 10 at RM420.00 nett. However, only 8 of us turned up. King’s Wife is missing from the picture as she was still stuck in the jam… 😦 So LB, now u know what is “Pun Choi” time u come back we bring u there lor..

After dinner we proceeded to Star Bucks to chat, actually laugh more like it. We laughed so loud I think we scared away the customers around us! Muahahahahaha..


My lil Picasso….

While Amah was out my lil Picasso was at work decorating the furniture and the walls!! Discovered it just now & it got Apah so upset and he was scrubbing away after I took the pictures!!

Super Duper Crazy 8 Meme

This is a tag from Kerry some time ago. Took me quite a while to complete the task! And I sitll have like quite a number of tags still owing…never seems to end huh?EIGHT THINGS THAT i’M PASSIONATE ABOUT

  1. My kids
  2. Gardening
  3. Baking
  4. Shopping (mainly bags & shoes)
  5. My work
  6. My friends
  7. Blogging
  8. Food


  1. To see that I have enough funds for my kids’ designer wear education and wellbeing
  2. Hopefully to see them grow up and venture into different stages of life
  3. That I will go back to the gym…
  4. Taste all the bestest food in the world!
  5. Stay in the bestest hotels around the world too!
  6. To visit all the countries I’ve not been before, especially Japan
  7. To own a Chanel 2.55 lambskin bag
  8. To own a Cartier watch

(damn materialistic huh? So? I like wat!)


  1. Kieran stop bullying your sister
  2. Kieran practice your piano
  3. Turn off the tv! Right now!
  4. No!! Kylie!!!!!!!/Kyliee…NOOOOOOO!!!
  5. Kids plsssssssssssssssss….stop that!
  6. Go away!
  7. Mari sini………(to the maid la..)
  8. Daddy…………………………………. do that…bla blah blah…


I only read blogs now…


  1. All Leslie Cheung Songs
  2. All Jacky Cheung Songs
  3. Don Moen CDs
  4. My son’s singing
  5. The Leo Ku medley it!
  6. Songs from Sound of Music
  7. Carpenters songs
  8. Bee Gees/Abba


  1. Direct, just say it la Truthfulness
  2. Availability (please be there when I need u…pls? pretty pls???) *blink blink*
  3. Laugh at my jokes Sense of humour
  4. Grace (forgive me when I forget the appointment time and whatever that I forgot!)
  5. Patience (with my senseless babblings…) I love u!! (you know who u r!)
  6. Kindness (for being my friend in the first place!)
  7. Fun (don’t be a drag k…)
  8. Makes me laugh la…I LOVE to LAUGH…and when I laugh it’s thunderous LOUD! kakakakakkakakakakka..


  1. Never allow your maid to have the freedom to choose the chores to do..always fall back on a schedule..A FIXED SCHEDULE!
  2. Never allow your maid to be alone in your house for longer than 1 hour
  3. Blogging is no longer fun when people begin to touch on sensitive issues…TOUCHY…..
  4. Be prepared when going for a meeting (knowing is one thing, actually doing it is tough!)
  5. Never bow down to senseless and illogical demands
  6. Pray hard before you choose your maid, I mean like hard as in down on your knees..
  7. Never copy and paste and reuse email chain on gmail! NEVER cos it really gave me a heartattack thinking that I sent the wrong email to the wrong party!
  8. Never start playing any games on Facebook..cos I’m so hooked and I can’t stop! Blek!

Downunder Day 9-10

Dinner on day 8 was a treat from Piggy Hooo and we had Aussie food for a change! It was really a heavy dinner (again…only more meat, as in RED meat). We had wine too, in fact I had a lot of wine in this trip and I’m like kinda get addicted to wine lor…I find the food presentation was not really that impressive but the quality was pretty good. I just can’t get over the potatoes there, really taste soooo yummie! And the pumpkin soup…you really taste the pumpkin…like so pumpkinish lor..




I wanted KY (my host) to sleep in at least for this day but somehow, we woke him up! He’s a very light sleeper (is there such a word) even the slightest sound get him up! My buddy Ms F came to pick me up to go to her church. She was late…(had to oi oi her baby to sleep first) and she brought her 1st son along. She was speaking Cantonese to him and he was replying in Aussie English of course, u know the lousy Auussie accent..hahhaha…

I kept yawning in church and couldn’t concentrate! In fact there were a few moments that I nearly dozed off! Bad girl…After church we went back to Ms F’s house and I tried the dumpling she made (inspired by the dumpling we had at Bob’s Kitchen the other day). Wow, her dumpling was quite good, only thing the skin was not so good since it was bought off the shelf. She also made some really good chilly sauce for dipping. Actually, she’s become a “yellow face woman” (literal translation from Cantonese) lor. That’ what I dread most…to become a “yellow face woman” but I can see that Ms F is happy, so let it be! LOL!

Anyway, this is me and her 2nd boy, who suffers from ezema also….so cham lor.. By the way, the painting behind me was painted by Ms F, she’s quite good with this also, too bad I didn’t take the photo of all of them…maybe she should do that for me…

KY came to pick me up and off we went to the DFO at Chelteham for more damage shopping. The DFO is not too far from Springvale and is bigger than the one at Rhodes Sydney. And of course Amah shopped like there was no tomorrow (yes no more cos Amah leaving Downunder leow..). Initially I was worried how I was going to bring the stuff I bought but somehow that day I didn’t think about it and just kept adding more loot…(buy now worry later kind of attitude).

I even bought muffins which KY asked me to leave at his place since we were so tight of space…but I really couldn’t do it and had to bring them back! So yummie leh..Notice the Tim Tam? They now have in various types, but I only bought this one and the original one. Tim Tams are like the star Aussie Product in the supermarkets and they have like premium shelf space and are like everywhere! I managed to get them at the lowest price (surveyed price since day 1) at AUD1.99 which is about RM6. Guess how much they are selling here at Cold Storage? (RM10+ lor!! But they don’t have the full range here la…)

After shopping, we went to Springvale for Vietnamese food. I wanted to buy my hosts dinner, so I pretended to go to the toilet and excused myself to find the cashier. Unfortunately, my host caught me in the act and refused to let me pay! Shiats!

Anyways, we had to rush back as time was running out, and I had to stuff pack my new loot in and we were supposed to leave for the airport like in an hour’s time! I stuffed and stuffed but my bag was bursting and couldn’t fit in the stuff I bought so I forced asked Mr D to allow me to use some of his luggage space and I had to re-pack for him in order to fit in my stuff. At the end, I still had to pack an extra box!

We drove back the rented cars to the drop off at the airport. Everything went smoothly. Check in was however a nightmare but thank God we were early. In total we had 8 bags and 3 boxes and the total weight was 230+ kg which had exceeded the allowed 200kg! We chatted up the lady handling our check-in and she seemed to liked us and finally allowed us the extra without having to pay the penalty!! I actually screamed out, “God bless you!!” so loud!

We passed check-in with flying colours and now the hand luggage part…We were not able to bring in water as they didn’t allow it eventhough it was for baby milk purposes..but they didn’t allow Aunt2’s massage cream as it exceeded the allowed amount. We nearly had an argument with the officer but after showing them the doctor’s letter and much explanation, they allowed the cream in! They weighed my hand luggage and phew…it passed! Claimed my GST from my shopping spree (allowed for purchases above AUD300 on a single receipt).

The flight back was smooth and again I didn’t manage to complete the movie I was watching..and it was a pretty good one too! Rats! All in all, it was a really good trip, and I am so grateful to my buddies for being such great hosts and would like to thank them for taking such good care of me (especially for stuffing feeding me).

That’s all about my Downunder Journal…and updates on my kids will be on their way soon before you forget Kieran & Kylie!!

Downunder Day 8

The Seafood dinner at Boxhill was fantabulous and yummilicious! My first time eating snow crab. white colour baby crab! The crab was still swimming in the aquarium when we selected her and four other live abalones too!

That’s me with my fantastic host KY and MsW, the one who brought me shopping!


Empty oyster shell…oyster swallowed leow…



Fried wax meat with super sweet and crispy Kai Lan (the wax meat taste doesn’t really blend in)

After dinner we dropped Ms.W home and we managed to meet up with her family. I haven’t seen her parents since uni days! I remember her dad and mom were (still are!) really good cooks and I can never forget the dinner we had there more than 10 years ago!

Saturday morning started of with a little chaos as both me and cousin M had to wake up early to wash and blow our own hair! No Ah Ngor (our hairdresser) to help us…no styling aids…ayooo…what to do cincai (simply la) tied up my hair in a bun la. Cousin SM managed to still curl her hair! Terrer! Why all the fuss? The reason for this trip was Piggy Hooo’s graduation ceremony day la!

We drove down to the Melbourne University, thanks to the trusted Melway but when we saw the trams we kinda panicked! We managed to find the place and there was a parking near the hall. Phew! Cam whore session began immediately upon arrival, including the kids!

Saw this bicycle at the Melbourne Uni grounds…so cute lor..


After the cam whoring session, I left for the city to meet up with another old friend who migrated to Melbourne a few months back. He is still looking for a job…so I didn’t want him to pay for yum cha but he insisted and said that he made enough from his employment in Shanghai! I felt so bad lor…The food standard has deteriorated..not as before…but nevertheless..ok also la…Oh one more thing, yum cha has to be booked before hand for weekends if not…eat yourself la!


Eric with his Shanghainese wife, who’s pregnant with their 2nd child, so I really hope he finds a job real SOON! All the best! Mom always remembers Eric as he has a very deep and old man’s voice, and he was our chauffeur in our uni days! hahahaha..

After yum cha I went to this familiar place to wait for KY to pick me up. We used to use this place as a waiting place…

Flinders Station (main train station in the city)

After that we went on our way to Dandenong Ranges to feed the birds.

Fine, I will take my rubbish home! 









Downunder Day 7..errr another long one..

Easy going day for me, another buddy (school mate from Form 1) came to pick me up to visit her house. Thank goodness all my friends were staying around the same area, like 10 to 20 minutes drive from one another). We caught up at her place for a bit and then went out for lunch. She bought me Shanghainese food for lunch and we ate too much again! The minimum order for the dumplings were like more than a dozen pieces leh but only of us to gobble eat them up.


Mind you, the size of the dumpling was kinda big compared to ones here…


Bob’s Kitchen famous for the dumplings located at Glen Waverly

After heavy lunch I went off to the city to meet another buddy who’s going to bring me shopping. Yeah she’s the culprit to my breaking my vow of not buying anything…yes, Angie, I’m so eating up my words, “I will not buy anything one la, crazy meh, the exchange rate x 3 leh!” Well, the first stop was Myer, our favourite hang out during uni days (should be libraries, tutorials or lecture halls, really). I was to meet Ms W at the front of the store but I was early and saw something interesting in front of Myer, Bourke St Mall. I don’t remember there was this figure here the last time I was here..something new again? So can u tell me if it’s a real statue or someone dressed up for art’s sake?

The moment Ms W saw me she immediately took me to Myer to grab some off season bargains. Yes branded goods like Chacharel, Alberta Ferretti, Donna Karan etc going at more than 50% off…unfortunately or fortunately I couldn’t find something to die for so I didn’t buy anything from there! But Wendy is not about to give up as Amah the shopping queen did NOT buy anything! So she brought me to another smaller mall called Australia on Collins.

Ms W has a VIP card to Country Road (Australia’s home brand) and Amah can’t resist visiting this store. However, I find the brand has sort of lost its appeal or maybe all of their clothes are now made in my ancestors’ homeland. During my student days, there used to be at least one range that are made in Australia but now..zilch..and the material used are no longer that good as before…such a disappointment..BUT BUT, I still couldn’t resist their signature canvas bags. Since the VIP card has a promotion offer, meaning if I buy above AUD150, AUD50 is automatically deducted, so I ended up buying 3 bags! (one as a gift la…)

The pants next to the bags was mistake and a buy under pressure from the DFO in Homebush, Sydney, a David Lawrence 3/4 pants made in my ancestors’ homeland, way overpriced for its design and material, well to comfort myself, the cloth does feel really good!

After Country Road, Ms W still did not give up and strived to continue to encourage Amah to contribute more to the Australian retail economy. Ms C another old friend turned up to meet me and off we went… There was this outlet located on Collins St, called Luciana, or something like that la..It carries off seasons branded bags and shoes, Amah’s so dead cos that’s Amah’s greatest weakness, BAGS & SHOES!!!! But really, how can Amah resist these…..

There was a much higher version (I think 4.5″ heel) for this pair which I soooooo heart-ed but due to practicality, I bought the 1.5″ kitten heel version…Ungaro at RM250..I think it’s a pretty price!

Then there was another pair also Ungaro, golden straps and sooooo comfortable…price was cheaper than the first pair…cannot resist lor.. The orange Nine West was bought on the last day at the DFO in Melbourne, err can’t remember the place but it was not too far from Springvale. Also a good price at AUD39, about RM110+/-..

I can’t remember how long ago was this bag from but it was so gorgrous and at a really good price, about RM600+ for a Prada Sling bag! John, you tell me if it’s a steal or what??

Since I bought 3 items, plus Ms C bought one pair (a pair of Tods wedges supposedly in my size, BUT somehow didn’t fit me!! DARN!), we managed to bargain down the prices somemore! And I was able to claim GST refund at the airport, which is another errr…alamak forgot how many percent but quite good la!

So Amah shiok or not??? As if not shiok enough, Ms W was so sweet to treat me n my great hosts in Melbourne a beautiful seafood dinner at Boxhill. Pictures in the next post la! Tired la me…