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DiGi? Not so happening of course!

A break from my once a month backlog posts but I really have to tell the world about this.

I signed up with a DIGI dealer called Data Radius Sdn Bhd (based in Damansara Utama) for a business package and a Blackberry Phone. I had to top up by RM1000+ for the phone and that was done last month 30 May 2010! Till today I have not seen the phone & my lines are not registered.

I have only started giving them pressure last week as I felt something was not right. DIGI recognises the fact that I have paid their dealer & admitted it was their INTERNAL problem. Why should a customer suffer from their internal problems? This is really not good as I am switching from Maxis to DIGI. I haven’t even started using DIGI and I am not happy with them at all. Why switch in the first place? Maxis was quietly billing me on an amount which we didnt even utilise. Okay, that was my fault as I didnt check and changed the plan. But I am a very busy person. As their loyal customer since digital mobile came about, I think I should deserve better service but of course they didnt recognise that as I was of course a very very small time user. So I guess that’s the reason why DiGi is treating us..small time user but making a lot of noise!

BUT, no matter how small time, I am the CUSTOMER, and customer have rights, especially one who has PAID IN ADVANCE!!!! I want to have some justice done. But I really dread going to the the Tribunal alone, must wait for Apah to come back then only they know…


Long Weekend-cont’d Penang

Notice the operating hrs sign? From 10.30 am to Habis ok!

After finishing (slurpss) the Funny Mountain tau foo fah, we left for Penang. Traffic was smooth all the way, since it’s the 2nd day of the weekend. First stop was lunch at this seaside place Alice recommended, forgot the name! Alice and family waited along the way for us and off we went together. The meal was really good, the fist was fresh. However, the restaurant doesn’t look too good, especially the fact that they are old, they have dogs all over the place! Emm..not very hygienic la..However, we were free from diarhea this time. Hallelujah!!!

Next stop was delivering some chemicals to my customer (Amah always bring some work in her breakaways..try to make back some $$ la..). Good thing customer was around and wrote me the cheque! Phew!

Tried to get some apam along the way (Jalan Burma, right in front of some shops next to a school) but that guy (with misai, don’t go to the wrong one, cos we went to the wrong one and ended up with food poisoning!) was booked with 100+ pieces and I couldn’t wait that long..the other crispy apam guy (this one is in Pulau Tikus, opposite the police station, stall outside a coffee shop) was just opening his stall, no luck there either..

Off we went to the hotel and it was raining along the way. It was still drizzling when we arrived and guess what? There was no covered lobby to drop off the passengers and luggage and the parking in front of the doorway were all occupied! Then we saw an empty lot with the “NO PARKING” sign but we of course ignored the sign since we needed to load the luggage and kids. I noticed there was a hotel staff holding a broom (but he was not sweeping) and he kept staring at us the whole time, from the time we parked, and loading the luggage and the kids. Then as I walked towards the door, he stopped me and told me that we were not allowed to park there. That was when I blew it and scolded him.

Me-I am aware that we cannot park here but we have not finished unloading the luggage and things. Where is the bell service? Can’t you help us get some help here? If we have some help here, the process can be sped up and we will be out of this NO PARKING area!

Cleaner-I don’t know where the bell boy is…

I was too tired to continue scolding him so I just walked off..

Then as I was waiting in the lobby, that stupid guy suddenly came up to me..

Guy-Sorry miss, I was just trying to tell you nicely that you can’t park your car there..I respect you, you must respect me also la..

Me-(WTF!!) Hello! I already told you we know that we are not able to park there. We are educated people, but I was angry with the fact that you just stood there staring at us while we struggled to get the umbrella and shaded the kids one by one and we had to carry the luggage, piece by piece and you didn’t do anything! It may not be your job but the least that you could do was run in to get help for us. Didn’t you realise we are the guests of this freaking hotel?

How dare he confront me like this? Who the f*%& does he think he is? The hotel was not exactly cheap! Ok by now you may want to know what shitty hotel this is, it’s the Holiday Shack Inn. Some of you may know, that this stupid place is divided by the road, one section is on the beach and the other is on the other side of the road. As we booked so late, we only managed to get this shack hotel and it was definitely not my first choice! I really have not come across a hotel of this standard which didn’t have the shaded drop off area! Too much, the architect that designed this place should be shot! Or maybe it was the owner who wanted to save some bucks here.

The receptionist was very apologetic but it was not his fault! Then the stupid guy didn’t stop there, suddenly there was this guy from Security with the walkie talkie who came up to Apah.

Security-What’s the problem here?

Wahhhh this time, Apah blew his fuse. For those who knows Apah, he’s one of the most patient type of guys around but this time, this ticked him bad, so bad….

Apah-What security procedure did we violate by parking there for a few minutes for loading our luggage ourselves? Tell me! (Volume = loud & stern and eyes almost popped out)

This time the receptionist pun walked out of this booth and tried to calm Apah and me down. I mean, we were guests who paid good money (money paid upfront upon booking on the internet) for a relaxing holiday and was that the way the hotel supposed to treat us?

Apah-Who is your Manager on duty? I want to see him/her now? (he thundered…)

Apah walked over the reception where the Duty Manager’s name was placed.

Receptionist-I’m soooo sorry, he’s not around

Apah-What do you mean by not around? Isn’t he the Duty manager who is supposed to be ON DUTY NOW?? Who is the person next in line, I want to see him/her now! I mean NOW!
The receptionist quickly gave us the room keys and sent us up the room but Apah refused to go up till he met with the Duty Manager and spoke his mind on this matter. Good thing the room was good, we had a good view and it was spacious. They gave us the extra bed at no cost but I reckon they could have done better than that.

Ok back to happier moments….EATING time…

Dinner was at Bee Hooi Pulau Tikus but the standard of the “Or Chien” (fried Oyster with egg) has deteriorated…not too good. Char Kuey Teow was just as good. Then we had to wait for the Asam Laksa stall to open cos they open later than the other stalls…so action….weyo? Their laksa damn good lor…Then Alice & Sue came to join us but Sue couldn’t sit down with us as her prince found the coffee shop too hot & noisy for his liking. So they ended up waiting at the Baskin Robbins next door waiting for us to finish our food.

More in the next post…

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2 bad dreams on the same night, actually morning…

I can’t believe this…I’m wondering if this is due to the previous night incident..anyway..we ate in this not-so-good restaurant yesterday that made me so thirsty till now..I have to write this down before I forget.

I woke up mid sleep from my first wet bad dream…

I missed my flight to Cambodia! I’m so curious why Cambodia as I’m actually scheduled to go somewhere else next week.. And the worse part is I was in the car with Apoh and me and big mouth screamed out..”Oh no! I missed my flight, I forgot it was today..” And guess what was Apoh’s reaction?? Of course faster than the speed of M16, bang bang bang…non stop saying how useless I am bla bla important can forget..bla bla bla…Then I made some phone calls to try to get another flight as I couldn’t use the ticket of course, weyo? It’s AirAsia la! Then of course I WOKE UP! Was so freaked out and also thirsty and started perspiring too. Went to get a drink and turned the aircon on again and went back to sleep.

Next I thing I knew…the dream continued! Shiats!

This time all of a sudden there’s this guy who used to work for me in the laundry shop (I used to have one and due to him, I decided to close it down!!) was in the dream! Freaky..he was supposed to go to this Cambodia trip too, same goes for Apah & the kids! So we managed to get another ticket the next day. Somehow, that guy was in another location and we had to go back to pack so we thought we would pick him up after we packed to go to the airport.

While we were at home, we were dilly dallying as usual, rather it was me..and before we realised it, we were late again! Then I decided we go first and make a call to that guy to tell him to go on his own but I don’t know why suddenly there was another twist here! All of a sudden he was in my house pulak! (really no connection…cis!)

We were like walking up n down in the airport, frantic but thank goodness there was a slight delay. Then I asked Apah to call that guy and ask him to drive Apah’s car here instead. Somehow he didn’t pick up the phone so Apah went back to get him. During that time, don’t know what possessed me to leave the bags including my LV Naviglio handbag with all my money, camera, passport¬† bla bla was inside, with Kieran.

While I was standing there looking at Apah go off, suddenly Kieran came running to me. I am sure Kylie was with him too but I couldn’t see her face clearly in the dream.

K – Mom!

Me – Kieran!! (screaming at the top of my lungs!) What are you doing here???

K – I wanted to see where u are…

Me – WHERE ARE THE BAGS??? (I thundered…)

K – It’s over there…(pointing to the direction..)

We or rather I ran like a maniac towards that place, and saw our bags still there but of course my LV IS GONE!!! ARRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! There were stuff scattered everywhere. The thief threw out my DSLR (obviously didn’t appreciate photography) and some other stuff all over the place. I broke down crying. Strangely my phone was with me and I called Apah telling him to forget everything, as our passports are gone…we can’t go..I couldn’t believe why that stupid thief took our passports and not the DSLR…BUT….it’s only a dream but I was thinking out loud in the dream ma…got to write down everything rite??

I was sobbing uncontrollably which is so NOT me…and that’s why at that point I woke up and was darn thirsty!!

My poor distressed boy…

See this sad looking face? Well it’s been like that lately. He has been really putting on the most miserable face ever, especially during meal times. Apoh gets really worked up and nags n nags about how fortunate he is to have such good food (that’s what she thinks, but I reckon her cooking is eh..hmm…not quite appealing to especially these fussy kids’ liking..) She kept forcing him to eat the fried tofu skin which she stuffs with fishpaste (homemade of course) but she doesn’t understand the fried tofu skin can be quite chewy and the kids can’t handle it.

Besides choosing the food, I know he’s been overworked lately. Tuition starts at 8.30 am (we have switched tuition teacher as we found he didn’t improve at all, failing his Chinese main paper in 3 exams in a row!) and he gets back to Apoh’s place for dinner around 7+pm. He starts dinner around 7.30pm after scrubbing shower and starts slaving doing his homework around 9pm. He attempts to complete completes hopefully by 11pm! By that time his double eyelid is so deep, as if his eyes have sunken in the eye sockets! Therefore, I leave him at Apoh’s place during weekdays as we will never be able to make in on time for his tuition should he goes home with us.

I now feel so detached from him, I try to give him some attention and love but there’s basically no time for that! I am not sure what is happening now is good for him..but I don’t want him to have any spare time if he ever goes to private school, I know he will be so spoilt. He’s sort of protesting against what he’s going through by picking up fights with other kids in tuition class.

I stopped his piano lessons at that majorly expensive so called prestigious music school as I tried to make him practise his piano one day and he refused. So I made him kneel and pull his ears. Guess what? He rather kneel down & pull his ears than practising! NMFL!

Wits end….

I again lost it in Kieran’s school yesterday. Apah was away so I had to pick him up from school. It’s so tough for me as I had to make sure I shut the office on time and then drive all the way to his school which is quite a distance. I had to drive like a maniac to beat the jam to avoid being late. (I was late one time as I totally forgot about having to pick him up and I had to get Apah’s uncle to help get him first).

The first time I created a drama was when I arrived he was nowhere to be seen. It was almost 7 or could have passed 7 and he was not waiting where he should be waiting. You know it’s so hard to spot him as the mass of kids in uniform and in that particular height makes it so difficult. I was already cooked up filled with pressure from the days’ work and not seeing him only made it worse. When we finally found him, I spanked him and screamed at him right there in front of everyone.

Then yesterday I was super early waiting in line at the school and the maid went down to get him. Slowly all the cars were dispersing and still no sign of them. I slowly drove nearer and nearer the gate and still no sign of them. After a while I lost my patience and went down. I saw them but they had that blur look.


Maid-Cannot find bag…


K-(stared blankly at me with wide wide round round eyes…)

Me-I DON’T CARE LA, I REALLY CANNOT TAKE THIS ANYMORE, I’M GOING OFF WITHOUT YOU! LET’S GO (I gestured to the maid to go and left Kieran standing there.)

The maid being the log she is, of course just followed me and had no compassion for the kid whatsoever and Kieran didn’t even panic or cried or tried to follow me and beg me for forgiveness. That’s why I know this gangster kid is a really tough kid.

I entered the car & immediately called Kieran’s tuition teacher to tell her that I want to stop his tuition since he doesn’t seem to learn anything and she was not cheap either. Then I had to let go steam so I called Apah of course! Good thing he was not in a foreign country, just different state. I just shouted n shouted and I guess I felt much better as I did pass some stress over to him even though there was nothing much he could do.

Then I asked that log of wood maid to go down and continue the search for his bag. I can’t really dump the kid there alone right??? After a while they finally found the bag, someone could have mistakenly taken it and then realised and left it in the guard house.

I continued scolding him in the car, nagging about how fortunate he is to have the chance to go to school bla bla bla…but I guess it just goes in one ear and comes out the other ear….as I have gone through this speech like a million times and always told him to look at the maid saying that she didn’t have the chance to study and had to come work as a maid. So with a living example right next to him also cannot motivate him I really don’t know what to do la…you teach me la…how????