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Penang Escapade

We did the unthinkable and left the maid at home and took off to Penang for 2 nights. Our first stop along the way was at Ipoh of course. We had our favourite Ipoh Hor Fun and the caramel custard which I bought take-away for Alice and also another for myself! Greedy me! (location: Thean Chun, Ipoh Old Town)

Upon reaching Penang, we drove straight to my customer’s place to drop off the load of stuff he ordered. Terrible, despite the fact that I drove all the way and saved him $$ on transport, he still wanted to hang on to my payment! Blek!

Then we saw a man selling the peanut Apom and I went to order some. I was waiting…waiting…n then some guy came over to collect his apom, then another person came to collect and I was wondering if the seller was kinda bias towards me since I didn’t speak Hokkien. After a while only did I realise those customers had presviously ordered earlier on and there was a long queue of orders! The seller reminds himself of the orders using coins placing them in order! So smart!! The apom was made over charcoal fire! Authentic & of course yummieee! I didn’t take a photo as I was not prepared with my camera! Shiats…(location:near the Pulau Tikus market, opposite the Police Station)

After that we checked in the hotel (supplied by APah’s company) and it was quite a big and comfortable room with quite a good view of the sea. It’s not a resort but a city hotel, go figure.

Alice came to pick us up to go to the public beach since the beach in front of our hotel is kinda not conducive for the children to play! Kieran was so excited and jumped in immediately with me screaming at him not to swim too far out. There were quite a lot of rocks and shells that he cut his feet. Both Kylie and Darrius were very happy with just playing sand and pouring water in the sand.

Then we found a crab claw and another smaller crab carcass which was huge and was immediately imagining it as our dinner….Kieran kept asking to cook it! hahahhaha…

Then suddenly we saw this couple taking their wedding photographs…very adventurous poses they made! The photograper was shooting from above the cliff with his terrer-menerrer zoom lens..but look at my shot with my miserable macro lens…booo hoooooo…..

Dinner was seafood not too far from the beach. It was tomyum cooked with coconut water..yummilicious! We had crabs of course…can’t help it can’t we?? (location: Along Ferringhi Beach)

On the way back to the hotel, I couldn’t resist stopping over at Gurney Drive Hawker centre to get my crispy Apom. It was indeed yummy and well worth the exorbitant price they charged! Sorry no photos as we gobbled em down in no time!

After Alice dropped us back at the hotel, I called Apah and told him I wanted to have my Pulau Tikus Char Koay Teow. He brought along his colleague and off we went. There was a Prawn Paste Chee Cheong Fun which Apah ordered one plate and the kids gobbled em down and asked for more! The CKT was great and after that we retired to bed very satisfied.

We kicked off the next day with Prawn noodles and more peanut apom but it was so so nya…We then drove to Lorong Delima to get my favourite Prawn Paste chee cheong fun before going to Alice’s place. (location: on the way to Penang Bridge, off Green Lane) Bought 2 packets, one for me, one for Alice. After eating & yakking  & packing..we went to the Aquarium at Teluk Maung, Alice correct me if I’m wrong about the location.

The kids enjoyed themselves despite the small size of the aquarium..

Feeding the fish..

Interesting star fish..

Very sad turtle in captivity….

Lunch was nearby and it was really good…look at the very satisfied customer…

After lunch (burp..) we went off to the hotel but detoured to get the famous cendol near Komtar and some banana apom along Jalan Burmah. The kids were tired, Kylie fell asleep first and then followed by Darrius. Upon reaching the hotel, the kids woke up from their very short nap and was all excited to get ready for the swim. It was such a hot day and the sun was blazing so we let the kids play in the bath tub first. They got carried away and we ended up with a very wet bathroom. Off they went to the pool and surprisingly the water was freezing cold despite the hot day. Kylie panicked after Kieran took her for a ride on the slide. She refused to get in the pool after that till I coaxed her and carried her along.

After the swim we took very quick showers and off we went for dinner at a Nyonya Restaurant. (Forgot the name..kakaka) and food was ok, liked especially the otak otak..After dinner it was kinda drizzling but our diehard urge to savour the charcoal fried Char Koay Teow overruled the rain. It was kinda oily but yummy nevertheless!

The next day, we let the kids go for another round of swimming and checked out after that. Aliced texted that she was down with diarrhea and couldn’t join us (no thanks to piggin out sessions with me la). We stopped over at Pulau Tikus for breakfast again and tried my luck at getting the cheque from my customer but he was not in! Rats!

We then left for more food before we leave. It was Genting at Delima again, had the rich assam laksa (only opens in the afternoon) and more Chee Cheong Fun. Kieran was hit with diarrhea at this point and completely made a mess on his underpants. This got Apah very upset and we had to throw away the underpants…eeewww..n double was quite a good & new one summore…bleah! Quickly ate and off we went.

Stopped over at Ipoh for tea and Kieran blasted another round and this time we decided to save the underpants! I can’t throw away 2 good underpants in one day! We hurried off and upon reaching home, Kieran again blasted the toilet and started throwing up too! It was quite a serious food poisoning episode! After they came back from the doctor, I too threw up and started purging! Kylie too had watery stool for the next few days and Kieran took 3 days to recover! Geez..we suspect it was due to the banana apom from Jln Burmah as Apah was the only one who didn’t eat those and he didn’t get hit at all!

And what was the maid doing without us around? Watching tv non stop (she was probably lying on my sofa with the air con on too!) of course, weyo? The tv was burning hot when we returned and chores were not completed!!

But after all that, I still felt it was worth it eating all those fantastic food! That goes to show how greedy this Amah is!


Raya Break

What to do on Raya holiday when you don’t have any open houses to go to? Find your own open house lor…where? Ipoh la! Yes we decided on a last minute escapade day trip to Ipoh, the land of the “bestest” food ever, besides Penang of course..

Dressed up the kids to suit the occasion…Raya clothes of course..

My “Aminah” & “Abdullah”

Packed the car up, my younger bro & wife, cousin Yong & hubby, mom plus us. All in my faithful MPV!

Thinking traffic will not be heavy on the highway but we were wrong…many ppl going up north..

The rest areas were jam packed but we had no choice but to stop at the Tapah rest area as we really had to pee! Kylie was a good girl and managed to hold till the rest area. She refused to wear the diaper. I was afraid that she will refuse the public toilet as she has before. Thank goodness the Tapah rest area toilets are quite clean.

First stop in Ipoh is of course Ipoh Old Town, “Tin Chun” coffee shop. The absolutely mouth watering caramel custard was sold out and it was crowded like mad! We had to wait for quite some time and even that we had to split into 2 tables. The hor fun was as usual very good…the taugeh is soo yummy…and of course the chee cheong fun! (yet to discover the mysterious Canning Garden CCF that Albie mentioned).

Next stop was Funny Mountain so-slippery-tau foo fah…sllurrrppsss…drive in style of course…

After that we went to get the “Heong Peang” (Ipoh famous biscuits) factory as the biscuit is more fresh & crispy. Our cousin came to meet us and guided us to their house not too far away. Chilled there for a while and kids started wanting to do “big business” and we decided to shower the kids there. They had a fun time as we used the bucket water system..scoop and pour! They screamed in delight!! Something we city folks are deprived of..Another cousin dropped by and brought us the sticky gluey cakes in peanut and peanut sweet soup. So yummy can die….

We had to adjourn to visit another old friend and bid farewell to our cousins. Chilled there for a while and it was time for dinner. We made bookings at this restaurant called “Mun Choong” and the English name turned out to be Pusing Public Restaurant! What a funny name, it doesn’t mean spin the public but Pusing is actually the name of the town where this restaurant originated from.

We actually made a booking for the fresh water big headed prawns and the famous suckling pig. yummy can die lor…

The body fried in some dark sause

The head was steamed with Chinese wine

Roasted suckling pig…

Sinful leh…we had more dishes but I didn’t take all the pics as I was busy eating!! yummmmm….

Bento No.2

My second attempt which didn’t receive very good reviews from the recipient..

K – Mom!!! Stop it!

Me – What??

K – Don’t put the mayonaise…ewwwwwwwwwww…

I can’t believe this as he LOVES mayonaise!!

Me – What’s wrong I thought you liked mayonaise..

K – NO I don’t! Stop decorating ok!!

What happened to the bits & pieces from the cut outs? My little princess helped me gobbled them up! So do I need to decorate bentos for her or not? Ok ok I’m not so bias..I did…

At least Kylie appreciated my hard work and finished eating every single bit on this plate..

And another time I tried making the sausage curve but this sausage with the cheese filling is kinda difficult to manage and it ended up potong-ded! (broken).

Fingers shivering n the cat ended up with blotched eyes!!

Frankfurter Day 2

This was the first day of the exhibition and I had to survey the whole hall and see who’s in the show. I brought along my flats just in case. I walked around for about 1 hour plus and had to change into my flats! I really shouldn’t have bothered to bring my heels. It was only 1.5″ heels and yet I couldn’t survive in them for more than 2 hours!

The bigger exhibitors had like a bar serving beers and even hard liquor (get the customer drunk and sign the deal!!) and even leg hams! Since the food was not so good at the exhibition hall, I made sure I had a wholesome & fulfilling breakfast to last me through till dinner!

It was great fun catching up with my suppliers, whom some of them I haven’t seen since Nov 2006 in Milan. As usual, I was the rose among the thorns, so it was definitely great fun!

After they closed for the day, my German supplier was having a banquet at the Marriot for the customers around the world. I was lucky enough to get a ride in the owner’s Saab convertible. Although the ride from the hall to the hotel was short but it was really a good experience and the weather was great to top it up.

Check out my 6′ tall & handsome driver….(no joke, he is very good looking but already taken la..don’t dream ok!)

Amah taking pics of herself in the convertible!

My next pic of my loot….

I did take some time pondering on whether I should get this bag…so much so till I missed the direct bus back to the city…rats…Actually I liked another one more but it was too ex so this one was really my 2nd choice..

The smell and feel of the leather is so the shiok-kan! (heavenly…)

HK Day 4

After leaving my friend’s place, we left for HK island as it’s time for my major shopping at the warehouse at Ap Lei Chau. I never fail to visit this place each time I am in HK. My damages were however shortened due to my friend (Mr D, the one whom Kieran interrogated the day before…obviously he didn’t have enough of it!) who came to meet up for a cuppa again. I was about to look at shoes and he called! Dang! Being Amah, the ever so polite and ultimate 8 poh friendly person…I sacrificed my shopping time to meet him lor..Nevertheless the damages were 2 tops and a skirt from Lane Crawford outlet store. That’s the place I got like at least 5 pairs of shoes during my last trip. Unfortunately, there weren’t many good finds and of course due to my shortened time there.

The cafe we had our cuppa was in the same building, it was quite a unique place, as there were not many tables but there was a big play area for kids. Kieran totally enjoyed himself there while we chatted..(thank GOD!).

Full set of Oven/stove, pots n pans, larder & Fridge!

The “chef” serving his dish… no…it was a pretty blonde girl!

She sat patiently waiting for Kieran to cook for her…

After the cuppa we left and walked out to the other warehouse which was SPACE selling off season Prada and Miu Miu. Along the way Kieran was chatting with Mr D. He again asked him funny questions and I can’t remember most of them except for this..

K-Do you have a girlfriend now?



Suddenly Kieran pushed me towards Mr D..

K-My mummy be your girlfriend la!

Me-KIERAN! Stop it! Don’t be ridiculous! Better not simply say things if not I will get into unnecessary trouble ok! *roll eyes*

I again was so embarrassed and wished there was a big hole on the ground that would just swallow me up!

Good thing the walk was not that long…so once we reached SPACE, Mr D waved goodbye…yeah goodbye…*don’t call me again!!…Please!!!*

The time at Prada was short and sweet and I bought a waistpouch, a bag and a blouse. Since the exchange rate was favourable, I bought the blouse. Usually I only indulge in the bags…ngek ngek ngek..

After Prada…went out to meet Uncle David and Aunty Fiona for dinner at TST. Didn’t want to go there really as the MTR fare was kinda pricey…actually it didn’t make much sense as we were staying on HK island, and where we shopped was on HK island too..but I guess it was ok after the dinner we had was quite worth it afterall…

We ordered a set dinner for 2 persons as the set comprised of a wide variety of dishes and just added a fried rice for Kieran. The set meal comprised of sharks fin soup, lobster baked in cheese sause, steam fish, vege fried with scallops, lotus leaf rice plus dessert. We really enjoyed the meal, especially Kieran who’s not a fan for food…he loved the lobster! We had toasted bread to dip into the cheese sause too…yummmz..

After dinner, the action didn’t end there and we made way to Mong Kok. Talk about it in the next post…









Kieran’s 7th Birthday Bash

Before I go into the birthday….would like to wish Apah Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary! He’s going to take me out for dinner tonite which he started to tell me since last week and every day reminded me till last night!!!!! Yes la I can remember la! Well 9 years have gone just like that..and of course it has not been always happy la…but I guess we have our ups and downs but we have worked thru it…(and still working at it!!) 😛

Ok back to the party…Kieran’s actual birthday is on 7th December but we celebrated earlier since the actual date falls on a weekday.

Preparation for the party began a week earlier. We went to the supermarket like 3 – 4 times to get our supplies and to sum up the bill..I think to have it catered by e.g. fast food place or restaurant would be cheaper!!

I decided on Batman theme and I decided to make a bat for the pinata. It really didn’t look like a bat according to Angie (looks more like a cat’s body!! LOL!) but it was the best I could do….hahahahhaa the expert is not around to help me.. Kieran was supposed to help me with the paper mache part…but he only help to start it off and then said he hated the glue part…so I had to finish up myself!! I blew up 2 balloons, one smaller for the head and the bigger for the body.

Sorry I didn’t get the finished product’s picture! Maybe can see one at Jazzmint’s site!

Since I was like hero trying to do everything myself I dare not invite too many people…just in case…..true enough I ran out of time and on top of electric fryer decided to give me a heart attack and decided to die on me when I set it up! I called my technician who happens to live in Klang to come and save me! Thank God he managed to fix the problem (which was quite minor..phew….) But due to all the ding dong ding dong…the food was served late la…apologies to everyone who was waiting…Then my Kenwood died on me…so I didn’t have cream on the cupcakes!!! Blechhh…

Thank goodness Aunty Fiona (my sister in law) helped to finish up the batman labels for sticking on to the cupcakes and also came early to help! That’s about all the photos I have since I was soooo bz and Apah was bz entertaining the kids. Thanks to Jazzmint & Barbara for taking so many pictures and posting them up! Muakssss!!!

I think I will never do this again…I should have at least got the food catered so I can spend time with my guests!! A lesson well learned!! Apologies to my guests for having to endure my grub..another sad note is Angie who lost her camera in the party! I feel so bad as it was her wedding aniversary gift and it’s only 2 – 3 months old!! I can’t find it as yet but I somehow know who did it! So, a reminded to all who’s out to parties even in friend’s houses, there are visitors of all sorts…so better be careful of your belongings…


Jacky Concert 07 @ Bukit Jalil

Yes Amah the gila-fied went to Jacky Cheung’s concert last Friday with Jazz, King’s Wife & Angel. Actually both KW & Angel bought tickets later so they were sitting like a few rows behind us. But we went together-gether so more fun la..I actually put on my MSN asking who wants to go to his concert and for so long no one responded 😦 . Thank goodness Angie was talking to Jazz and told her I wanted to go!! Oh, Zaramama was another one who bought the tickets later so they sat at a different place. Next time must advertise on the blog that can get more response hor??

Anyway, the show was FUNTASTIC and was really worth every sen despite us sitting so the far least it was cooling and we didn’t get the rain!! We really had a good time and the excitement actually began at the earlier part of the day, sms-ing & im-ing each other what to wear, what time to meet for dinner..we were giggling just like some teenagers!! kakakakaka…Dinner was really early, 6 p.m. and we arrived at the stadium before 8pm! There were still a lot of parking and the jam was not that bad.

Jacky brings back loads of memories as I started listening to his songs since my school days! He’s like in the business for like 23 years wat! In fact I discovered that his kids were born in the same years as my kids! Yeah…cheap thrill! Love all the songs he performed and was in awe at how he still managed to jump and twist (I mean really twist lor) around like a young performer!! Managed to see him twist using the cheapalak binoculars I brought but cannot see the face expression fact I can only see clearly once I directed the binoculars at the big screen!! hahahaha..

All in all, it was truly a great show but the going back to car part was like..errr..I actually had problems getting to my car, I went to the wrong parking bay and was like kinda panicky..thank God KW & Angel found the car first and directed me over! However, it took us one hour to get out! We were quite hungry and thirsty from the screaming (no jumping as the people around us were so “civilised”) and went straight to Steven’s corner but there were so many people we had to wait another half an hour to get our food! The garlic cheese naan was super yummy but the Satay was like eeeeee half cooked (cos we kept begging asking for our food).

Since I had to drop off the girls to collect their cars so I managed to go up to my office home to go to the loo & then showered there since I was up there anyway..didn’t want to make so much noise when I reach home la…