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Hari Raya Break 2009

Yeah yeah…so outdated…but still have to record down for memories sake. Booked into the Shangri-la Putrajaya (yes o-gain) together with Mom of 3 Angels. She brought along 2 angels only. ML arrived early & managed to get us an upgrade to the rooms with the city view. I love going there during festive holidays like this as the town is like a ghost town….so quiet, so peaceful.

It was just an overnight stay but the car was packed so full. We even brought along water in a few containers as we planned to go to Bagan Lalang the following day.

The kids had so much fun at the pool. Kieran tried the jacuzzi in the polside toilet. It was indeed relaxing as we had the whole place to ourselves!!

We were too lazy to go out for dinner & settled for the yuckiest food ever at the hotel’s cafe. It was the Hari Raya break, so we really couldn’t ask for anything more…just ate & went back to the room. The kids continued to play games together.

We went swimming again the next morning..I think..Memory is failing me big time…can’t remember if we had breakfast there or not..but most likely we did. We checked out & off we went to Bagan Lalang.

The kids played sand but I didnt encourage them to get into the sea water as I thot it was too dirty…We didnt stay that long as everyone was getting hungry.

We had lunch at Lovers Bridge Restaurant at Tanjung Sepat. That’s our favourite makan (eating) place. Apah had 2 of his colleagues join us for lunch. Food was good as usual. We had to leave early as ML had to rush back due to family matters. It was a short break but nevertheless, we had a good time, especially the kids!


Of Kieran & Kylie…

Last week on the way to church..

It was long sleeve day..I love to see Kieran in long sleeve shirts, makes him look so smart & handsome…Apah complains that Kieran has more shirts than him, and the shirts even look better than his…OF COURSE la…Amah bought em!

As for Kylie, she’s beginning to show signs that she likes only pink…she likes everything in pink…(the shirt does have some pink thread sewed in front..can’t really see clearly in this pic though..Whenever we go clothes shopping, she will pick out items and asks me to buy, really fast! No price for guessing where she got this trait from….

After church we to eat at this coffee shop and we passed by this…

Obviously the occupants knew about the leak and they actually placed containers in a poor attempt to store the leaking water!! Since they took time to place the containers (which I don’t understand why cos how much can they store??) why  cant they just get the leak fixed with some gasket tapes?? Water may come by cheaply here but don’t they realise that they are wasting precious water that may not come by so easily in some parts of the world??? tsk tsk tsk..classic ignorance..

One day in the office….

Kylie gets real bored in the office. After watching DVDs for a while she gets restless and disturbs me and really drives me up the wall. One day I suggested she bring some toys down to play. She brought this cow soft toy and then started making swoosh swoosh sounds…Guess what was she doing??











She was milking the cow! Hey this beats the FB farming anytime right???

Yesterday we went shopping again…yes O-gain…since it’s school holiday today, we decided to go out for dinner. Kylie was very sleepy. Before she fell asleep we had this conversation..

Me-Since you are sleepy why don’t I drop you in Apoh’s house..

(she loves going to Apoh’s house, never fail to ask me every morning to take her there..)

Kylie-No, it’s dark edi (night time), Apoh wanna (wants to) sleep. So I dun wan (do not want) to go there..

If we were not on our way to the mall, she will definitely jump at the chance to go to Apoh’s house! But as expected, she fell asleep before we reached the mall. It took us about half an hour before getting a car park! While we were waiting for the elevator, she was fast asleep but we tried to wake her up and told her we were at the mall already. She woke up with her eyes opened so wide and she immediately jumped for joy! Tsk tsk tsk….see how she loves going to the mall….

Shopping Rendezvous (super long post)

I don’t know why I keep getting smses telling me here sale there sale? Can someone tell me ah? Do you also get these promotion smses? Ok ok..stupid question..don’t have to be a genius to guess the answer. I should be Laundryamah aka Shopperamah.

I thought after 31 August the shopping season has ended..but nope, obviously it hasn’t. There’s the Raya sale now…so now I have bought enough for Christmas & also the coming Chinese New Year…shoes included, of course for the kids only larrr…

Pumpkin Patch (unfortunately this is not a paid post!) was having special relocation sale at the Gardens. So after picking Kylie up from school then off we went to pick up Kieran from tuition. I packed his clothes in the morning and told him to shower in tuition class, well planned leh..but Kylie had to pee in her pants so I had to shower her too. Tuition teacher was kind enough to allow us to use her bathroom but then do you think she dare to NOT let me meh?? grrrrrrr..I’m not over the last incident and there are new stories about her, always have screaming & shouting arguments with her husband in front of the kids..

After the super duper fast shower, we zoomed off as I was afraid to be caught in the after work “puasa” (fasting period for the Muslims) month horrendous jam. It was only 10 minutes past 5 and I was stuck on Jalan University all the way to Midvalley took us 1 hour when it was actually a less than 10 minute journey!! Kids were complaining they were hungry. The choice of restaurant of course went to Kieran and it was Canton i (I hate going there, no.1 It’s very expensive, No.2 The service is very slow No.3 The service is very bad No.4 The tableware is china and I panic all the time Kylie messes around with the china…). And this comment goes for all the outlets! Well, I guess I can say they are consistent! Why do we keep going there? The food is no doubt the closest to HK style and the kids love the wonton and dim sum…errmmm so do I!!

Dinner was slow despite the fact that it was only 6.30pm with only less than 10 tables occupied. Kylie was a riot as usual, had to warn her so many times and threatened her a million times and finally I had to whack her with chopsticks! Kieran was good throughout and finished his food. However, I have to finish Kylie’s share!

After dinner it was straight to harvesting Pumpkins at the Patch… 😀 Bought more t shirts and bottoms for Kylie and also Kieran, plus a t shirt each for my nephew and niece, all in 8 pieces for only RM250.75!! They were all 50% plus additional 15% as I bought more than 4 pieces. Good deal leh..

When I was packing the new clothes into the new clothes box (to keep clothes that are still too big and for use later.. 🙂 ), I realised I have bought this same pink pants (above) during the August sales! So I have to take this back either later today or tomorrow…and this means…MORE shopping!!

After my harvest at the Patch, I proceeded to Isetan since there were special weekend Raya Sales! Bought 2 more t shirts from Poney for Kylie at 70% off. I don’t remember Poney offering such high discounts before..max ony 50% off….

The kids were playing with the lego toys and I had to scream for them to come try these beauties…

Osh Kosh shoes at RM69 each pair! A steal right??? The biggest size is just right with about 2 cm space for Kieran, hopefully he can still fit the shoes by CNY next year! Kylie has better size choices, so I bought at least 3 sizes bigger!! Kiasuism at its max was practised here!

On top of the kids stuff, I bought bed linen again..yes O-GAIN! But hor, how could I resist the offer? 400thread count full set, comforter cover plus bedsheet plus  2 pillow cases at RM180! Warao…cheap leh…but I had to buy the matching bolster cover at RM26.70 even after 70% discount! Should have left it out and just use a white cover which I already have..but then again..must have matching matching ones right?????? Urggghhhh..all the excuses I have for shopping!

So after the loot, I still wanted to take a peek at the shoes section and it was “buka puasa” (breaking fast) time and it was soooo quiet. I had to look around for someone to serve me. He disappeared into the store for sooo long and came out with the wrong size! Then again off he went and he felt so bad and apologetic and softly told me that there were no more my size!! Uwahhhhhhhh…The kids were playing shoe sales man and Kylie as customer during the time I was trying out shoes.

Since I couldn’t get any shoes, off we went since I was tired also. Lugged my very heavy shopping loot down to the carpark and found a trolley. The moment I dropped the loot in the trolley, Kylie has to go pee! It was P2 I told Kieran to stand guard the trolley (mistake cos it should be quite risky to leave  a 8 year old kid alone in a quiet car park at basement 2 hor??) and hurried Kylie to the toilet.

After paying for the parking ticket, I walked out and suddenly heard Kieran calling out to me, “Mom, mom, mom…” I turned around and saw his face so worried.

K-“Mom, I left my toy at the place…”

Me-Aiya..forget it la..let’s go..

K-No…I want to get it back.. (eyes red swelled with tears by now)

Me-Where did you leave the toy?

K-There..the shoes there…

Me-Ok then you go back yourself and get it. Go up this escalator & then turn to your left (again very bad mom, but the loot was really heavy and I don’t want to lug them there again!) I repeated the directions at least 3 times..

After a while I saw him coming down, eyes all red and tears all welled up..

K-Mom, I can’t find the place..

Me-Did you turn to the right instead?


Me-Aiyooo..ok ok let’s go

We rushed back towards Isetan and I told him to run ahead and get it while I wait outside. He finally found the toy and off we went to the carpark. Had to hurry as I already paid for the ticket before the running up and down happened. When we reached the car we were all drenched in sweat…gosh..we were totally beat..but Kieran was so relieved that he found his toy..

K-I asked one security guard but he couldn’t help me

Me-What did you ask him?

K-I asked him where was the place which was right in the end and has lots of shoes..

I laughed out loud and said that at both ends of the mall, meaning Isetan and Robinsons, have their ladies shoe sections at the same place but in opposite directions. No wonder the guard can’t help me la….

We had to go back to the office to pick up the maid so all 3 of us showered again as I knew the kids will fall asleep in the car on the way home. Good thing I still had clothes in the office while we always pack pyjamas for the kids for cases like this! Phew…what a long long day…

Long Weekend-cont’d Penang

Notice the operating hrs sign? From 10.30 am to Habis ok!

After finishing (slurpss) the Funny Mountain tau foo fah, we left for Penang. Traffic was smooth all the way, since it’s the 2nd day of the weekend. First stop was lunch at this seaside place Alice recommended, forgot the name! Alice and family waited along the way for us and off we went together. The meal was really good, the fist was fresh. However, the restaurant doesn’t look too good, especially the fact that they are old, they have dogs all over the place! Emm..not very hygienic la..However, we were free from diarhea this time. Hallelujah!!!

Next stop was delivering some chemicals to my customer (Amah always bring some work in her breakaways..try to make back some $$ la..). Good thing customer was around and wrote me the cheque! Phew!

Tried to get some apam along the way (Jalan Burma, right in front of some shops next to a school) but that guy (with misai, don’t go to the wrong one, cos we went to the wrong one and ended up with food poisoning!) was booked with 100+ pieces and I couldn’t wait that long..the other crispy apam guy (this one is in Pulau Tikus, opposite the police station, stall outside a coffee shop) was just opening his stall, no luck there either..

Off we went to the hotel and it was raining along the way. It was still drizzling when we arrived and guess what? There was no covered lobby to drop off the passengers and luggage and the parking in front of the doorway were all occupied! Then we saw an empty lot with the “NO PARKING” sign but we of course ignored the sign since we needed to load the luggage and kids. I noticed there was a hotel staff holding a broom (but he was not sweeping) and he kept staring at us the whole time, from the time we parked, and loading the luggage and the kids. Then as I walked towards the door, he stopped me and told me that we were not allowed to park there. That was when I blew it and scolded him.

Me-I am aware that we cannot park here but we have not finished unloading the luggage and things. Where is the bell service? Can’t you help us get some help here? If we have some help here, the process can be sped up and we will be out of this NO PARKING area!

Cleaner-I don’t know where the bell boy is…

I was too tired to continue scolding him so I just walked off..

Then as I was waiting in the lobby, that stupid guy suddenly came up to me..

Guy-Sorry miss, I was just trying to tell you nicely that you can’t park your car there..I respect you, you must respect me also la..

Me-(WTF!!) Hello! I already told you we know that we are not able to park there. We are educated people, but I was angry with the fact that you just stood there staring at us while we struggled to get the umbrella and shaded the kids one by one and we had to carry the luggage, piece by piece and you didn’t do anything! It may not be your job but the least that you could do was run in to get help for us. Didn’t you realise we are the guests of this freaking hotel?

How dare he confront me like this? Who the f*%& does he think he is? The hotel was not exactly cheap! Ok by now you may want to know what shitty hotel this is, it’s the Holiday Shack Inn. Some of you may know, that this stupid place is divided by the road, one section is on the beach and the other is on the other side of the road. As we booked so late, we only managed to get this shack hotel and it was definitely not my first choice! I really have not come across a hotel of this standard which didn’t have the shaded drop off area! Too much, the architect that designed this place should be shot! Or maybe it was the owner who wanted to save some bucks here.

The receptionist was very apologetic but it was not his fault! Then the stupid guy didn’t stop there, suddenly there was this guy from Security with the walkie talkie who came up to Apah.

Security-What’s the problem here?

Wahhhh this time, Apah blew his fuse. For those who knows Apah, he’s one of the most patient type of guys around but this time, this ticked him bad, so bad….

Apah-What security procedure did we violate by parking there for a few minutes for loading our luggage ourselves? Tell me! (Volume = loud & stern and eyes almost popped out)

This time the receptionist pun walked out of this booth and tried to calm Apah and me down. I mean, we were guests who paid good money (money paid upfront upon booking on the internet) for a relaxing holiday and was that the way the hotel supposed to treat us?

Apah-Who is your Manager on duty? I want to see him/her now? (he thundered…)

Apah walked over the reception where the Duty Manager’s name was placed.

Receptionist-I’m soooo sorry, he’s not around

Apah-What do you mean by not around? Isn’t he the Duty manager who is supposed to be ON DUTY NOW?? Who is the person next in line, I want to see him/her now! I mean NOW!
The receptionist quickly gave us the room keys and sent us up the room but Apah refused to go up till he met with the Duty Manager and spoke his mind on this matter. Good thing the room was good, we had a good view and it was spacious. They gave us the extra bed at no cost but I reckon they could have done better than that.

Ok back to happier moments….EATING time…

Dinner was at Bee Hooi Pulau Tikus but the standard of the “Or Chien” (fried Oyster with egg) has deteriorated…not too good. Char Kuey Teow was just as good. Then we had to wait for the Asam Laksa stall to open cos they open later than the other stalls…so action….weyo? Their laksa damn good lor…Then Alice & Sue came to join us but Sue couldn’t sit down with us as her prince found the coffee shop too hot & noisy for his liking. So they ended up waiting at the Baskin Robbins next door waiting for us to finish our food.

More in the next post…

Langkawi Cont’d

The second day started off with a wonderful breakfast in the coffeehouse overlooking the pool and the beach. It was so wonderful, sipping tea & digging into my food, with birds singing in the background and then the kids began fighting! The girl was more whiny than usual, I want this, I want that and at the end didn’t eat anything! So annoying!!!!!!

We took off to the crocodile farm. It didn’t look very good, but we went in nevertheless. The place was not really interesting but the kids were nevertheless fascinated with the few miserable crocodiles. The highlight of the visit was when we were crossing a bridge over a pool of crocodiles. All of a sudden, two crocodiles began fighting.

Good thing the place was kinda shaded…not too hot

There were a few crocs laying motionless and the mouth opened liddis…I wonder why..

This fellow was born deformed and has to have a special diet as he does not have teeth…

Then we went to the black sand beach. It was not too far away.

There’s not much black sand left on the beach…there’s a story behind this black sand, something like a lady called Mahsuri being killed and she cursed the land and the sand became black after she died..something like this la..

We went for more shopping in town. I was on the hunt for something to wear as I underpacked! Too afraid to bring too much as I planned to buy another set of Corningware. I found Nike t-shirt and a pair of Nike sneakers for Kylie. This is to replace a pair of Adidas which I bought from HK which was chewed by the dog at mom’s place!!

I found my Corningware and it took me quite some time to decide what to get and Apah was grumbling beside me did not help as he kept reminding me that we were taking AirAsia and he already has to handle the kids bla bla bla..I bought the smaller set to replace one that was broken by my previous maid. Good thing they had the same design.

I was kiasu and bought a bottle of Chinese cooking wine too as it was cheaper of course!

Hello Kitty tissue box holder

White sneakers for Kylie to go to school with..

Massive amount of chocs…

After shopping and lunch in town, we went back to the hotel. We just chilled at the beach..I simply love the beach beautiful..

Kids were so fascinated with the tiny crabs crawling in and out..

Amzing art created by the lil crabbies..

Doesn’t the pic above remind you about a scene from the Gem of Life?

Peek of the villas from the beach..

Overall, it was a good trip despite Kylie being a nuisance, we enjoyed ourselves and had good fun.

Langkawi Escapade 1

Thanks to Apah’s employer, we get to go enjoy the local resorts as the company organises Family Weekend Retreat with one day for meeting thrown in as well. This time we get to go to Langkawi and enjoy The Andaman. Seriously, even if I could afford it, I will pay that kind money for this place…but since it’s paid for, we went of course!

The company only paid for Apah’s airticket so we had to foot our own airfares. Therefore, the preferred choice was naturally AirAsia ler..Really, I’ve taken AirAsia for several times and so far, so good, no delays, whatsoever..*touch wood*

We took the earliest flight (kiasu la) and we had to be at the LCCT by 6.30 am! It was a smooth flight and Apah was very impressed for his first time flying AirAsia. Upon arrival, luggage didn’t take that long to come out and we were on our way in a rented car. Apah managed to get a good deal for a Nissan Sentra. Apah’s been well trained by me to bargain..*beaming in pride*

We invited Apah’s colleague n his wife to join us and thanks to my newly subscribed GPS we found the way to the resort. However, it was sure quite a distance. Just keyed in Andaman Resort, and it went turn left turn right…hahahahaa…

We were greeted with very friendly staff (of course lerrr…cost a bomb to stay there ok!) and we enjoyed the welcome drink while Apah settled the check in procedures. The rooms were ready (eventhough we arrived so early) and I suspect it’s due to the economy downturn that the resort is not full. The resort was really very serene looking and we felt so comfortable and the room was HUGE! It actually had a walk in wardrobe as well. There was a L-shape sofa sort of and we immediately thought Kieran could sleep there and saved on the extra bed cost. (tsk tsk tsk…)

Once we offloaded the luggage and freshened up, we went to the Underwater World. It was not bad, quite a lot of species on display and the kids had a fun time there.

Mini outdoor park inside

The photo above  so charrr of course not taken by me la…I was looking for toilet SOS at that time!!

Then Apah redeemed himself by taking the above and below photo..
Happy Feet Posing

Then it was lunch opposite and it was really horrible food. It was an imitation Lan Kwai Fong Cafe! Then it was duty free shopping nearby. The chocolates were really cheap and we found out the Ferrero Rpche at the Airport Duty free was RM49.90 and it was RM22.90 in Langkawi!! Bloody h@*l!! Weyo? I made Apah buy one box from the Airport just before going to Langkawi..And all these while I thought it was actually Duty Free, meaning much cheaper to buy chocolates in the Airport…boy..I felt so cheated!

The afternoon was really hot and we went back to the hotel to rest so that the kids will have enough energy to enjoy the pool. However, Kieran refused to take a rest, jumping about the room but I didn’t allow him to go to the pool as it was so hot outside.
All ready to dip into the pool..

The pool was really big and it was so tempting but I couldn’t go in as I had to keep my salon blown hair for the dinner party the next day! The kids had a good time but Kylie was shivering but still refused to get out from the water.

First night’s dinner was BBQ and it was quite a good spread. After dinner Kieran wanted to get back to the room himself to watch tv (dvd player was provided in the room!) rest. We allowed him and Apah’s colleague was so shocked that we actually allowed Kieran to walk back alone. For a moment, she did make me feel I was a bad parent..for a moment only ah! Then I got bored too and decided to go back to the room with Kylie while Apah mingled longer. Was playing catching with Kylie along the way and she fell down and her knee was bleeding!! She was screaming (unusual as she has high tolerance towards pain) and kept asking for daddy..Then I got fed up as my soothing didn’t work at all and I just left her crying and asked Kieran to go out looking for Apah (oopss I sent him out in the dark again..) She actually peed standing there and wailing away! Unbelievable! At that point of time I immediately regretted bringing her along…

to be continued…

Penang Escapade

We did the unthinkable and left the maid at home and took off to Penang for 2 nights. Our first stop along the way was at Ipoh of course. We had our favourite Ipoh Hor Fun and the caramel custard which I bought take-away for Alice and also another for myself! Greedy me! (location: Thean Chun, Ipoh Old Town)

Upon reaching Penang, we drove straight to my customer’s place to drop off the load of stuff he ordered. Terrible, despite the fact that I drove all the way and saved him $$ on transport, he still wanted to hang on to my payment! Blek!

Then we saw a man selling the peanut Apom and I went to order some. I was waiting…waiting…n then some guy came over to collect his apom, then another person came to collect and I was wondering if the seller was kinda bias towards me since I didn’t speak Hokkien. After a while only did I realise those customers had presviously ordered earlier on and there was a long queue of orders! The seller reminds himself of the orders using coins placing them in order! So smart!! The apom was made over charcoal fire! Authentic & of course yummieee! I didn’t take a photo as I was not prepared with my camera! Shiats…(location:near the Pulau Tikus market, opposite the Police Station)

After that we checked in the hotel (supplied by APah’s company) and it was quite a big and comfortable room with quite a good view of the sea. It’s not a resort but a city hotel, go figure.

Alice came to pick us up to go to the public beach since the beach in front of our hotel is kinda not conducive for the children to play! Kieran was so excited and jumped in immediately with me screaming at him not to swim too far out. There were quite a lot of rocks and shells that he cut his feet. Both Kylie and Darrius were very happy with just playing sand and pouring water in the sand.

Then we found a crab claw and another smaller crab carcass which was huge and was immediately imagining it as our dinner….Kieran kept asking to cook it! hahahhaha…

Then suddenly we saw this couple taking their wedding photographs…very adventurous poses they made! The photograper was shooting from above the cliff with his terrer-menerrer zoom lens..but look at my shot with my miserable macro lens…booo hoooooo…..

Dinner was seafood not too far from the beach. It was tomyum cooked with coconut water..yummilicious! We had crabs of course…can’t help it can’t we?? (location: Along Ferringhi Beach)

On the way back to the hotel, I couldn’t resist stopping over at Gurney Drive Hawker centre to get my crispy Apom. It was indeed yummy and well worth the exorbitant price they charged! Sorry no photos as we gobbled em down in no time!

After Alice dropped us back at the hotel, I called Apah and told him I wanted to have my Pulau Tikus Char Koay Teow. He brought along his colleague and off we went. There was a Prawn Paste Chee Cheong Fun which Apah ordered one plate and the kids gobbled em down and asked for more! The CKT was great and after that we retired to bed very satisfied.

We kicked off the next day with Prawn noodles and more peanut apom but it was so so nya…We then drove to Lorong Delima to get my favourite Prawn Paste chee cheong fun before going to Alice’s place. (location: on the way to Penang Bridge, off Green Lane) Bought 2 packets, one for me, one for Alice. After eating & yakking  & packing..we went to the Aquarium at Teluk Maung, Alice correct me if I’m wrong about the location.

The kids enjoyed themselves despite the small size of the aquarium..

Feeding the fish..

Interesting star fish..

Very sad turtle in captivity….

Lunch was nearby and it was really good…look at the very satisfied customer…

After lunch (burp..) we went off to the hotel but detoured to get the famous cendol near Komtar and some banana apom along Jalan Burmah. The kids were tired, Kylie fell asleep first and then followed by Darrius. Upon reaching the hotel, the kids woke up from their very short nap and was all excited to get ready for the swim. It was such a hot day and the sun was blazing so we let the kids play in the bath tub first. They got carried away and we ended up with a very wet bathroom. Off they went to the pool and surprisingly the water was freezing cold despite the hot day. Kylie panicked after Kieran took her for a ride on the slide. She refused to get in the pool after that till I coaxed her and carried her along.

After the swim we took very quick showers and off we went for dinner at a Nyonya Restaurant. (Forgot the name..kakaka) and food was ok, liked especially the otak otak..After dinner it was kinda drizzling but our diehard urge to savour the charcoal fried Char Koay Teow overruled the rain. It was kinda oily but yummy nevertheless!

The next day, we let the kids go for another round of swimming and checked out after that. Aliced texted that she was down with diarrhea and couldn’t join us (no thanks to piggin out sessions with me la). We stopped over at Pulau Tikus for breakfast again and tried my luck at getting the cheque from my customer but he was not in! Rats!

We then left for more food before we leave. It was Genting at Delima again, had the rich assam laksa (only opens in the afternoon) and more Chee Cheong Fun. Kieran was hit with diarrhea at this point and completely made a mess on his underpants. This got Apah very upset and we had to throw away the underpants…eeewww..n double was quite a good & new one summore…bleah! Quickly ate and off we went.

Stopped over at Ipoh for tea and Kieran blasted another round and this time we decided to save the underpants! I can’t throw away 2 good underpants in one day! We hurried off and upon reaching home, Kieran again blasted the toilet and started throwing up too! It was quite a serious food poisoning episode! After they came back from the doctor, I too threw up and started purging! Kylie too had watery stool for the next few days and Kieran took 3 days to recover! Geez..we suspect it was due to the banana apom from Jln Burmah as Apah was the only one who didn’t eat those and he didn’t get hit at all!

And what was the maid doing without us around? Watching tv non stop (she was probably lying on my sofa with the air con on too!) of course, weyo? The tv was burning hot when we returned and chores were not completed!!

But after all that, I still felt it was worth it eating all those fantastic food! That goes to show how greedy this Amah is!