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Hard Rock Penang 2009

Apah’s company had an event in Penang and the hotel they chosen this time was Hard Rock. Since Apah was in the committee, we had the priviledge to the lagoon room. This was our room where the kids could just jump straight into the pool!! And I lazed on the deck chair with my laptop & eyeing the kids at the same time…how “kewl” is that??

It was like one of the best hotels we stayed and we thoroughly enjoyed the stay there except for the food..(how to enjoy hotel food when we know there’s better food out there!!)  but we were not able to go out since it’s a company event, we had to have all the meals in the hotel together with everyone…(bummer).

The room was a quite small though but other than that, all other facilities were satisfactory.

On the final night, the company event included a safari costume themed party. I rented an off shoulder tiger suit (growwwlll..), Apah wore an African tribal costume (also rented), Kylie wore Kieran’s hippo suit which he used for a his kindy concert & Kieran wore a tiger suit which we bought from Beijing. Anyone who needs to use the suits can let me know..I may wanna sell em!

Before the dinner, they had the snake show, Kieran posed with the python with no fear at all. After seeing so many of them posing with the python, I gathered courage but I didnt have enough to have the snake over my neck! I just carried with my hands & the feeling was soooooooooo eeiikeeee!! It was cold & slimy & eeekieee…I’m so not going to post my photo up here as I really looked so ridiculous!! blek..

There was face painting as well but we were quite late & they almost didn’t want to do Kylie’s face. I was so mad, I insisted that they just do a simple one for her. How can I explain to the little girl that she can’t get her face painting while her brother had it??!!

Both adults & kids were judged for best costumes & both myself & Kieran were in the finalists but didnt win lorrr…But they had gifts for us, Kieran was tearing open his present there & then & I had a Parkson voucher.

The next day we had breakfast at the restaurant in front of the beach.  The kids spotted the horse & pleaded to get a ride. Apah as usual was reluctant but I overruled.  Look at how happy they were! Can you see Kylie’s face painting still there??

After Penang, we stopped over at Ipoh for one night. We had steam chicken & the famous Ipoh fat beansprouts. It was super yummy as usual.

The next day we went for breakfast with our hosts (my dad’s good friend). Rested for a while &  for lunch I met up with Organic Samm at this restaurant called Fai Kee. The fish head noodles were really good!


What’s wrong?

Something’s wrong with my blog settings. All my links are gone! The format looks weird…can someone tell me what’s wrong? Is it punishment for not posting updates???

Our short workoliday…

Before I start on our short work cum holiday, would like to write about Kylie’s new bicycle. I got it with my credit card points recently. I always get one bicycle each time during the credit card special points redemption each year. However, Apah had to buy the accessories which did cost quite a bit to make his face turn pale…

We dare not let her cycle outside without supervision as her legs are still too short for the bike.  I know I said I don’t like to buy anything from the Barbie range for her but they do not have many choices for the girls bicycle accessories. Since the bike had a Barbie theme, must as well get the Barbie accessories lorr…

For the recent school holidays, we went down south as it was due time for me to visit my customers from Melaka to Muar to Batu Pahat and finally Johor Bahru. I like to bring along the kids so they can experience what I experienced before when I was a kid. This is to let them know, holidays don’t come free.

My dad used to bring us along for his visits to the customers when we were kids. I remember we had more stops before and we dare not complain very much, despite the heat and the long journey. In those days we didn’t have the the luxury of North-South Highway and the many clean toilet stops so can you imagine where we stopped for toilet breaks?? My dad used to scare us with weird weird stories about wild animals coming to lick our buttocks in order to make us speed up the process and don’t dilly dally!!

However, despite the comfort the kids had they still complained when I stopped to talk to my customers. I had to remind them by asking them to observe the customer’s shop and ask them to count how many machines there are and tell them that the machines are bought from me. Without the sale of machines, NO HOLIDAY! (for Kylie’s case, I have to say no HOTEL, as she doesn’t really understand what is holiday but she sure knows what’s a HOTEL!)

We stopped at Melaka for the 1st night. We had a good corporate rate from Apah’s company. The journey from Batu Pahat to JB was quite a long one due to the after hour jam. Couldn’t make it to visit the customers, so I called them to inform that I will see them on Sunday instead. By the time we reached the hotel in JB it was late. Was meeting another customer for dinner but he told me to take my time. So I had a hair wash at the salon in the hotel and was slaughtered charged RM68 for it! I could have like 4 washes with that amount with my regular hairdresser! Darn! But what to do, Amah got to look good marrrr…..

The customer treated us dinner at this Thai restaurant which was close to our hotel. The food was good and the ambience was better! Definitely a must go when you go to JB.

Saturday was a day in Singapore. Collected my supplies from my usual supplier (so it was not totally for fun la) and off we went to Chinatown to collect my pre-ordered bento accessories.

The Disney cookie/bread cutter was cheaper in Takashimaya.  Kai Kai in Chinatown was selling at SGD9.90 (but I had a 10% member discount so it worked out to be similar oso la) while in Taka it was SGD8.90 nett. My collection has reached a level where I do not have enough space to store them anymore! So I think I will stop buying from now on…(as if…)

It was Saturday and the roads were congested as everyone was going towards city centre. We decided not to park in Orchard as the parking fees are exorbitant. So we decided to park in Suntec City Mall since their parking charges are considered the most reasonable at SGD1.07 per hour. We hopped on the MRT to Orchard to visit my favourite Takashimaya and to meet a buddy for lunch.

I was thinking of getting the WMF pressure cooker but the sales girl was not around to help me and I didn’t notice any special I guess I have to wait till the next sale. We rushed off to Marina City to meet my long lost primary school friends. That was the first time I met them after hem…many years (you do the calculation). We had a good time chatting and that left me only time to shop at Carrefour Suntec! We bought some food stuff (imported instant noodles, etc) and a new bicycle helmet for Kieran. It was really a cool one and the boy was so happy with it, he started wearing it in the car!

Before going back to the car, Apah wanted to get a pair of shorts and look at what happened to the kids…

Kylie was so tired she knocked out on the trolley! We bought some packed sushi for snack in the car as Apah was worried of the jam on the causeway. It was not as bad as the previous trip I made and we crossed over in over an hour.

Once we reached the hotel, we decided against going out for food, so we cooked some cup noodles which I bought earlier on. Thanks goodness they had the non spicy one for the kids. (It was a prepacked Korean cupnoodles pack which I saw them selling here in Jusco but it was about RM1+ more expensive compared to Spore’s price. Hahaha…that was “huge” savings alright! I must say the hotel we stayed in JB was very good. Probably it’s still new. The service was good and the price was very reasonable. It was the Paragon on Jln Harimau.

The next day was customer time before we left JB for Melaka again. Tried to make the trip more relaxing and decided against going back straight to KL. Dinner was at Ole Sayang, packed with tourists (probably made famous from the Spore Drama series, Little Nyonya). Had to wait for the table and the food was quite good I must say.

We had morning breakfast with an old friend whom we have not seen in quite a while. And then off we went back to check out and onward to the Melaka Zoo.

We were sooo tired after that and Kylie knocked out immediately!

We stopped at Ayer Keroh rest area for lunch so she just had a short siesta..The queue at the A & W was sooo long even though it was not so long and they didn’t want to serve the waffle due to short of staff! WTF! Always liddis during that time of the year la…We shopped at the Al Ikhsan shop in the rest area (ya Amah must shop everywhere!) and bought Kieran his new crocs. couldn’t wait till HK. We didn’t have time to get them in Spore either so no choice la..

Kieran insists that he’s not tired and doesn’t need to nap but after a while…

Inzago Day 3 continued…

Ok la ok la…here’s a picture of the rooftop at the Duomo…I have a few more but too lazy to load la…

Dinner was back at Inzago, they had someone drive me back all the way from Milan. It was about an hour’s drive. The driver had 2 other passengers and all 3 of them don’t speak English. So can you imagine how I feel the whole journey..sienz…

Timing was just right, I had enough time to take a shower and get ready for my dinner date. Dinner was at this restaurant beside the river. The photo below is on the bridge near the restaurant. Behind me is a Villa with many many rooms…neh those rich rich mia people’s house with many rooms for relatives to come stay…

Below is the photo of the restaurant…partly on romantic hor…

We had a bottle of white wine…

The food was good, but again I’m too lazy to post all the photos…but I have to post this one..Tiramisu…tasted heavenly….

I am not too comfortable in sharing the photo of my dinner date, the marketing manager of my supplier (not so nice larr) to let you guys guessing la…middle aged Italian guy, tall, lean, sleek, greyish hair ala Richard Gere…..hmmmmm….(eh the waiters pun damn gaya looking!! wokay!)

Sooooo sad….

I was at KLCC yesterday and met up with some great company for lunch. Lunch and catch up time was great, but was cut short as one of the participants had another appointment.

So what is a trip to KLCC without visiting my favourite shoe shop, Pedder Red. To my disappointment, the shop is no longer there, yes, chup lup-ded, tutup kedai, closed shop, bankrupt..Oh nooooooooooooooo I was almost wailing!! Now the only way to get those shoes are from Singapore (not sure if they are still there or not) but for sure can get in Hong Kong. My shoe shelf is no longer shoe-xiting once my older Pedder Reds RIP….

Gimme back Pedder Red! Ok ok, I really didn’t help much as I only bought their shoes when they were on sale. Never bought full price before…sorry la..I know they still make quite a bit even on sale geh..come up in a place where the rental is not so high lor…Please??? Please?????

Frankfurt Day 1 – 2

The flight delayed again, Mana Ada System mia pasal (MAS) as usual. The flight is 1155 but boarding starts like 1150! WTF! I was wandering around the duty free shops wondering what to buy for the guys, even thought of buying a bottle of whiskey but then I changed my mind since I don’t drink (just in case they make me drink with them), so I just got them liquor chocolates instead! hahahahaa…

The last time I flew MAS was last August and this time round I noticed they no longer use the cloth pillow cases for the cushions! I know they had massive problems washing these tiny blue cushion covers and with costs so high, they now use the cheapy fibre covers which I think they throw them away after use. However, I could smell the stench of the used pillow! Bleah!

Food was ok and I of course chose the nasi lemak (coconut fragrant rice with chilly) and assam fish (spicy sour fish) since I will be in Europe for a week!

Clearance of customs & luggage was quick and there was a Merzedes cabs waiting. The cab cost Euro 24 for a short 15 minutes trip to the hotel. The hotel was lovely, located amongst a housing area and it had a very homey & cosy feeling. Look at the flowers around the hotel! It was lovely! They even asked me to have the breakfast eventhough breakfast starts with the room next day. It was simple and good wholesome breakfast, with homemade bread and a variety of cold meats & cheese. The butter was the best, I could eat chunks of it and don’t feel it’s butter!!! Soooooo yummmmmeeeee!

Check out the garden around the hotel!

Went for a tour around the office and factory of my German supplier and then we went for lunch. It was an Italian restaurant, and food was so so and we waited like so long for it. After food we headed to the city and I was quite disappointed with the city, really no big deal.

We walked about a little and then had these! The beer was really good, for me who usually do not have much liking for beer, I kinda enjoyed the beer here.

There was this street which was like an open market (similar to our pasar malam “night market” but only more sophisticated, all the stalls were able to fold in can be towed away by a car!) Check out the wheels beneath the counter (selling various ham & sausages, so NOT HALAL)

After the beer, we headed back to where the hotel was, and dinner was nearby the hotel. We met some colleagues halfway and went straight to the restaurant. Dinner was great, had pork cordon bleu, very porky and meaty and rich!!

The weather was cooling, though it’s summer already. The walk back to the hotel was good. I can’t believe I couldn’t feel really tired and jet lagged! However, I woke up really early the next morning as it was already bright at 5 am!!

Here’s one of my loot from Italy, as said, will post one item per post! Can you notice that I’ve actually put in the cover wrongly???? Super blur!

Bottega Venetta iPod case, really a steal at Euro110 from the Outlet store at Florence

Happy Christmas to me…happy Christmas to me…

I just couldn’t resist getting myself a gift for Christmas. Actually I’ve been looking to buy this for quite some time but just didn’t know which one to get until I came across this really good sales guy who looks like Jay Chow! He was so good he convinced me that I should get this thing..but then I didn’t buy it immediately and still gave it some thought over a week..then I read in that this lady too was getting it and I then decided that I shouldn’t delay further…so I got myself this on top of many other stuff (yes yes Amah has been shopping…n shopping…)…the downside was and the most potong steam (anti climax) part was that I got it slightly more expensive than hers and she had more freebies!!! blek!

zheng zheng zheng…..*drum roll*….


























I’ve been playing with it the past few days and captured some are some…still learning la…gimme chance ok…



Good thing about this camera is it has auto functions for idiots like me!

I want to take this opportunity to wish all my friends, relatives, everyone…a very happy & blessed Christmas & a wonderful year ahead in 2008!!