Super Busy Day

Today is my absolute last day for my last minute shopping for stuff to bring over to Downunder. I’m famous for this, always last minute packing! But I have to get everything in order as I plan to check in earlier at Sentral. But I started the day still with my usual routine, gardening and then I saw this! Basket! I absolutely cannot tahan this, rubbish everywhere. We have quite a nice little park next to us but some inconsiderate, no read book mia people must throw their rubbish in the public area instead of their own rubbish compartment! They also have more dogs than the allowed number and thus attracted 2 stray dogs to our area. So whenever they throw their rubbish out the stray dogs will help themselves tearing the garbage bag apart and left rubbish everywhere, which includes disgusting sanitary pads and baby diapers, SOILED OF COURSE!

Both me and another neighbour have seen them throw the rubbish before but we didn’t manage to catch them on film! We have filed a complain with the local council and lets see when they will take action.

I polished the wooden panel flooring as I got it tailor made by the hardware store since Ikea don’t stock this anymore. (Weyo? I bought 3 pieces of this from Ikea some years ago during one of the sales so now not enuf lor…) Have to do this in stages as I made 15 pieces!! To be continued when I get back but hopefully when I get it’s like miraculously been polished by some kind soul leh…and painted too I hope!

Then called Mto2Angels to meet for lunch as I wanna get a pressie for my good ol’ pal from Melbourne who’s offering me his home to stay while I’m there. We had the yummie beef noodle at this coffee shop near Central Market/China Town. Hot environment but worth it la… What pressie is that until have to go to China town leh? Some fishing tackle thingy la!

After that I went to One Utama to continue my hunt for more gifts for my cousins in Sydney. And I still have a few more persons whom I haven’t got anything yet lor..HELP!!!! Nevermind..I still have Friday afternoon….I HOPE!

When I reached Apoh’s place, Kylie was still sleeping but she woke up shortly. So I decided to bring her to the park, just to spend a bit of time with her before I go..sobz…I will miss her and of course Kieran too la but he’s still not back from school ma..

She had a good time as always. She loves to run and climb ma!

Then I had to finish my gluey birdsnest that mom made, or rather asked the maid to make so it ended up liddis! So geli as there were still a lot of small feather fragments in them and it was so thick as my mom didn’t monitor how much the maid took! So careless lor…so I told her, I will prepare it the next time! (wei I had to buy all the way from HK one leh…)

Anyway…I know I always complain how the kids drive me nuts but I will definitely miss them like crazy…



Another year has passed by so quickly..

It’s the time of the year again…the time I dread but I still have to go through it, yes my yearly check up at my OB&G. I can’t remember if I collected my report from my check up last year but I know the test was normal la..

I remember too that my Gynae reminded me to have my Hepatitis B shot last year as my blood test shows that I didn’t have the immunity during a blood test while I was pregnant with Kylie. See la, Amah so lau hei (dilly dally) till now, Kylie also past 2 years old leow! So this time I knew the Gynae will say something about this. She said if I don’t get it done, by the time I turn 40 nobody will give me the shot…she said this last year, “What are you waiting for? Want to wait till u become a patient??” Garang (fierce) leh my Gynae..

Anyway, the pap smear test swab was a quick one but the scan took a longer time as she couldn’t locate my other ovary and can you imagine how uncomfortable it got? (NO guys you will NEVER understand how it feels! LUCKY U!)

So after that visit I told myself, I MUST get the Hep B shot and I did yesterday. In fact I wanted to get the flu vaccine shot too as my cousins warned me that she also caught the flu in Sydney. But the doctor said that it takes at least 1 week for the flu vaccine to take effect and since I’m travelling in a few days time, it’s pointless that I get the flu shot. According to the doctor, the flu vaccine is created based on information from the WHO, meaning, the vaccine can be different every year depending on the nature/strain of the flu virus. But the vaccine should last for 1 – 2 years. So I just took the Hep B shot….OUCH!

So have you

DIY Weekend

It’s DIY weekend like 2 episodes of Home Improvement sort of…thanks to Apah and of course I helped also la after I came back from the blogger gathering which you can read more from here & here.

So while Amah was out Apah put up this in the dining hall wall…


and this in our bedroom…

and this at the stairway..


and this outside..


and I stuck this on the kids bedroom wall…

and the drilling continues….pls don’t get this as it can only hold like 3 bunches of keys…


I continued banging nails on the wall and hung these…


while Apah continued drilling and put this up in the kids room

and this rack for garden stuff…


and this wooden plate which I found in my storage..


We had breakfast out in our new patio..and then lunch and then snack..(hahaha new “toilet”) ma..


When we were on the way back from church the kids were as usual fighting in the car…

then became loving for the camera…



Garden Chat with Kylie

Every morning I will go one round my garden admiring my plants but I have not gone to the extent of talking to the plant la! Well according to Moz his dad talks to the plants and the plants grow very well! I don’t want the aunties around the neighbourhood to think I’m out from a loony house!

While we were in the garden, I had this conversation with Kylie. She was pointing at my plant and said this…

K-Wa a dis? (What is this?)

Me-It’s a leave..

K- Wa a dis? (pointed at another plant)

Me-It’s a plant

K-Wa a dis?  (pointed at another plant)

Me-It’s a plant

K-Wa a dis?  (pointed at another plant)

Me-It’s also a plant


Me-*Beaming with pride*

As I was leaving the house the neighbourhood gas delivery man was loading a gas tank for a neighbour, and to my shock he was actually smoking! Gosh! Crazy nut! So me as a blogger of course cannot let go opportunity to snap a picture and announce to the world la!

Hazard in the Office

Since Apoh’s house is being renovated due to oncoming wedding celebration for my youngest brother, I can’t send Kylie over. So she has to hang around my office. She can be quite a menace as she refuses to watch tv for longer than 1/2 hour or sleep upstairs. So we have to bring her mattress down to the office for her naps! She feels insecure sleeping on her own upstairs. But before she naps, she will just monkey around. We brought her toys and books etc but she doesn’t play with them. Instead she does this.


She dug all the stuff from my messy drawer and threw them all on the floor! When she got caught in the act, she covered her face with her comfort bolster!

When she feels like it she will open up the piano and start banging playing it!

Ayo…she needs company la…any nurseries around???

Another Eventful Weekend

On Friday nite I went galavanting for a bloggers meet and was rushing like mad thru the jam picking up Kieran from school (cos Apah also went out galavanting..) and dropped him at Apoh’s place. Wah each time we meet we go to a new place to eat, shiok! This time we went to this place called err..what ah? Ayo forgot ledi, some Italian restaurant and the food was quite good especially the dessert which was called Elvis Presley bla was banana and peanut butter on a slice of pizza. It was super yummie lor!

We had to go to the loo and it was past the shopping hours so we actually had to sign in with our IC in order to use the facilities! Since it was first time for us we didn’t know that the ground floor toilet was not ready for use despite the signs all over the place! See la, late ledi we all also berblinded! Then we went to another floor and I wanted to use the sitting toilet instead of the squatting one cos of a very obvious reason…don’t want my friends to hear me poot poot la! But damn, cannot use the sitting toilet cos of this! Liddis oso can!

Since we finished quite late, I didn’t want to lug the kids back so we slept at Apoh’s place but I didn’t bring change of clothes for the next day! So when I reached the office Angeline thot I didn’t go home at all, partying all nite long! hahaha..

Later in the afternoon I went with my sis in law to check out the studio photos we had taken last week. Wah we spent 3.5 hours there screwing choosing and re-negotiating the package as the photos didn’t turn out that well. Of course Amah very fierce with more experience was kinda intimidating la so they finally agreed to give us more free photos! Muahahahha..

Sunday was as usual, to church and this time Amah helped Kylie with her craft work but it was embarassing as I couldn’t even do it properly lor. At the end the Sunday School teacher had to help me correct it! LOL!

Then we went to Tesco to buy groceries and poor Kylie fell asleep in the trolley! She was very hyper and couldn’t sit still the whole time during lunch and was jumping up and down in the trolley but when I scolded her she sat very still and I didn’t even realise she was sleeping until other shoppers started to make remarks and were laughing at her!

I told myself this weekend I must bake something and yes I did, choc chip cookies! YUMZ!

I Schmooze Anot Jek? Emmmm….


Wah this mummy very good at schmoozing lor cos she so clever can bargain down the price even for parking fee! Respect maximum lor…What is schmooze? According to her it’s “…to converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection” wor…

Well I usually am able to get things my way and am very good in bargaining since I’m such a shopoholic! So…I guess I schmooze lor…