Update on the kids

I would like to thank my friends who has lent me their ears and shoulders to cry on…really appreciate all of u..”muaks..” Because of you guys and of course my Apah and the kids..I feel much better and have the motivation to move on..

Kylie is becoming more and more chatty..here are some of the stuff she said recently that really blown me away!

Scene 1

Apoh walked down the stairs…

K-(in a fierce tone) Why u come down(s)tairs? After baby cry how? Huh? (Apoh is taking care of my baby nephew now)

Scene 2

Kylie was feeding my the other nephenw (only 6 months younger than Kylie, I really couldn’t believe this happened as she needs to be fed herself!)

K-why u eat so slow? U are a boy u know?? Ha? Eat fa(s)ter, ok! (also in a fierce tone!)

Scene 3

She has been singing this song lately, the song her teacher sings with the kids while they queue and walk to the restroom daily (it’s quite a long way to the restroom from her classroom)..

(in the tune of “Are You Sleeping”)
Watermelon 2x papaya 2x, banananananana nananana fruit salad 2x.

However, she can’t pronounce fruit salad, so I couldn’t make out what she was singing and kept asking her to repeat the song till she got so frustrated! At the end I asked the teacher and really had a good laugh!

She still comes to the office in the morning and occasionally “sleeps on the job”..

As for Kieran,

Injury from fall while riding over a bump!

…day in day out will be the same routine..

Me/Apah-Kieran!! WAKE UP!!/Hurry up!/Do your homework!/Stop dreaming!/Go to sleep!

He is still very weak in his Chinese and Bahasa Msia, either borderline pass or fail..*sweats*

He has put on some flesh as his appetite has grown quite good and I think it must be due to his latest interest in badminton and also his cycling.


20 responses to “Update on the kids

  1. I have not been to your blog for a while, and the kids has really grown so much…Kieran looks so handsome in his biking outfit…and Kylie, she’s so firece huh? hehe

  2. Glad to hear from you about your kids. Miss them for a while. Kylie’s growing to be one confident lady ! Cheers

  3. So cute lar Kylie… I think she must have enjoyed school a lot.

    Kieran looks like the Asian Ben-10 wor! šŸ˜›

  4. Wei. What’s your password??

  5. wei come to work and sleep ah? Sack her! hahahhahaha

  6. dont know what happened, but hope the best for u.

    ur gal can sleep on the job and be a good boss too hor! šŸ™‚

    ur boy boy has grown up so much liao and getting more handsome. like the photo on the bike.

  7. wow, kieran is such a big boy already. he looks so cool in his bike!

  8. so long no see u update on the kids. kylie is really cute hahaha

  9. Lovely updates. Eh, what happened to Keiran’s swimming? Now he aspires to be the next Chong Wei is it?

    Can’t stop laughing at ur little lazy bum assistant. Constantly sleeping on the job. If I were u, I would give her the boot! (can see saliva coming out, ler…)

  10. bwahahaha….it put a smile looking at d photo of kylie sleeping in d office & kieran eating dengan tangan ??!! see…the kids would give u the strength rite !! cheers….

  11. Amah, we basically do this too : WAKE UP!!/Hurry up!/Do your homework!/Stop dreaming!/Go to sleep!

    Ha ha ha….guess our dragons are the same kind.

    Btw, Kylin has some of the most flexible sleeping position, especially in your office!

  12. Don’t know the password, but Fiona told me what happened. Glad you’ve moved on.

    How you managed to get Kieran to ride his bike with all the protective gear? My kids refused to wear them.

    Kylie sounds like you lah! Very confident.

  13. Glad to see you’re feeling better although I do not know what bothered you. But yeah, glad to have you back blogging normally.

  14. Hahaha…..looks like Kylie’s got your genes, hahaha!!!

  15. hahahhahahha, really got that fruit song ar??? I heard my sons sing it, i thought they modify the song!!!!! Because i only heard the part got watermelon, papaya and banana.

    Yea wor, i love Kieran that cycling picture, look so handsome!

    psstt..what is the p/w??

  16. waaah your kieran very handsome already ar šŸ™‚

  17. Glad to hear u’re ok. So, no need shoulder lor hor? *heehee* If u need, we’ll always be there.

    Haha, the pic of Kylie sleeping on the job is exactly like what Des does when she’s in the office. No other place for her to have her nap other than the big comfortable office chair.

  18. i see the picture – kieran all bungkus up for his cycling except for his thumb not bungkus…hahahah

    ya same here…everyday…scream at erika the same song…”wake up….do work….go sleep”

  19. I havent been reading blog for quite some time..
    not sure what happen but glad that you are feeling much better now…
    take care n the kids will sure cheer you up…

  20. Amah… wah U so busy sumore got time to prepare so many lovely bento boxes for Kylie ah?? Those boxes looks nice hor.. Guess soon would be my turn too lor!! Luckily Bea now only eats congee and cereal. Not much hassle… ehhehehe..

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