DiGi? Not so happening of course!

A break from my once a month backlog posts but I really have to tell the world about this.

I signed up with a DIGI dealer called Data Radius Sdn Bhd (based in Damansara Utama) for a business package and a Blackberry Phone. I had to top up by RM1000+ for the phone and that was done last month 30 May 2010! Till today I have not seen the phone & my lines are not registered.

I have only started giving them pressure last week as I felt something was not right. DIGI recognises the fact that I have paid their dealer & admitted it was their INTERNAL problem. Why should a customer suffer from their internal problems? This is really not good as I am switching from Maxis to DIGI. I haven’t even started using DIGI and I am not happy with them at all. Why switch in the first place? Maxis was quietly billing me on an amount which we didnt even utilise. Okay, that was my fault as I didnt check and changed the plan. But I am a very busy person. As their loyal customer since digital mobile came about, I think I should deserve better service but of course they didnt recognise that as I was of course a very very small time user. So I guess that’s the reason why DiGi is treating us..small time user but making a lot of noise!

BUT, no matter how small time, I am the CUSTOMER, and customer have rights, especially one who has PAID IN ADVANCE!!!! I want to have some justice done. But I really dread going to the the Tribunal alone, must wait for Apah to come back then only they know…


8 responses to “DiGi? Not so happening of course!

  1. Aiyo…very “kik hei” la…Poor Amah!

    Apah can…go go go!

  2. oh dear… i read this also i geram! better not let them off the hook!

  3. my blood is also boiling after reading this. can’t stand all these nonsense. can you complain nonstop to Digi so that they will kick the dealer’s a*s?

  4. why must have tribunal?

  5. huh, why would you even leave the shop without getting any phone after paying 1k? won’t you smell something fishy by then.

  6. Mmm.. Digi should fork out a phone for you. You signed any forms with Digi logo? If yes, you are literally dealing with Digi.

  7. yes u can’t just let them get away liddat….it’s just not amah’s style 😛
    that’s really a bad experience 😦

  8. Has this issue been resolved?

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