Hard Rock Penang 2009

Apah’s company had an event in Penang and the hotel they chosen this time was Hard Rock. Since Apah was in the committee, we had the priviledge to the lagoon room. This was our room where the kids could just jump straight into the pool!! And I lazed on the deck chair with my laptop & eyeing the kids at the same time…how “kewl” is that??

It was like one of the best hotels we stayed and we thoroughly enjoyed the stay there except for the food..(how to enjoy hotel food when we know there’s better food out there!!)  but we were not able to go out since it’s a company event, we had to have all the meals in the hotel together with everyone…(bummer).

The room was a quite small though but other than that, all other facilities were satisfactory.

On the final night, the company event included a safari costume themed party. I rented an off shoulder tiger suit (growwwlll..), Apah wore an African tribal costume (also rented), Kylie wore Kieran’s hippo suit which he used for a his kindy concert & Kieran wore a tiger suit which we bought from Beijing. Anyone who needs to use the suits can let me know..I may wanna sell em!

Before the dinner, they had the snake show, Kieran posed with the python with no fear at all. After seeing so many of them posing with the python, I gathered courage but I didnt have enough to have the snake over my neck! I just carried with my hands & the feeling was soooooooooo eeiikeeee!! It was cold & slimy & eeekieee…I’m so not going to post my photo up here as I really looked so ridiculous!! blek..

There was face painting as well but we were quite late & they almost didn’t want to do Kylie’s face. I was so mad, I insisted that they just do a simple one for her. How can I explain to the little girl that she can’t get her face painting while her brother had it??!!

Both adults & kids were judged for best costumes & both myself & Kieran were in the finalists but didnt win lorrr…But they had gifts for us, Kieran was tearing open his present there & then & I had a Parkson voucher.

The next day we had breakfast at the restaurant in front of the beach.  The kids spotted the horse & pleaded to get a ride. Apah as usual was reluctant but I overruled.  Look at how happy they were! Can you see Kylie’s face painting still there??

After Penang, we stopped over at Ipoh for one night. We had steam chicken & the famous Ipoh fat beansprouts. It was super yummy as usual.

The next day we went for breakfast with our hosts (my dad’s good friend). Rested for a while &  for lunch I met up with Organic Samm at this restaurant called Fai Kee. The fish head noodles were really good!


7 responses to “Hard Rock Penang 2009

  1. Yup! Fai Kee is good! 😀

  2. Wah…. Dec 2009 post is finally here! lol

  3. Pity we didn’t have time to go to PG. The last time I checked online, the lagoon rooms were off-limits to family with kids. 😛

  4. Wah! Finally 2009 end made it. Still waiting for more….lucky you didn’t put snake pic. I would have had an asthma attack and died.

  5. hallow…long time no blog hop..heeheee…hey, I like Kieran’s costume. LIghtweight too, not like those furry heavy ones around here. This kor kor very loving towards his sister, isn’t that so sweet? (looking at the pic of them on horse)

  6. wuah…luckily got somethg to read….:D but not enough photos leh….kenot see the tiger costume properly….and your off shoulder, how can amah not show…must be damn hot only can get into finalist 😛
    hardrock hotel looks really rock !!

  7. wah ini benar yah? terima kasih sekali infonya. , Aero

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