To the zoo & bird park..

Kieran kicked of the school holidays with 3 days at Vacation Bible School (VBS). I asked the church pastor why 3 days and not longer…and his automatic response was, “Are you volunteering to help out?” Ooopsss…me and my BIG mouth…kekekekekeke…

They had an outing to the zoo this time and Kieran was bragging about that and got Kylie excited too. So how? I have to bring her lor…We were running late as I left my mobile at home, and do you know how far I have to go to get it back?? &£$* freaking far and by the time I was on the middle ring road my fuel pointer was at E!! By the time we reached the zoo, the other kids were already there of course. I just managed to catch the ending part of the animal show, ie catching the seal waving goodbye to us….

yeah the whole group in orange t shirts…so easy to spot!

Didn’t take many pictures as I had to entertain Kylie and I was getting too tired…

In another day, my dear friend Flowsnow organised an outing to the bird park, complete with coloring pages and another friend of hers brought along pictures of the birds and stickers for the kids to attach once they spot the same bird. Great activity but the kids grew tired of it halfway and chucked the papers away! Just a note, those with Jusco or McDonald member card can get a discount for the entrance fee.

He insists of taking photos with the birds again…yes..this is his 3rd time! Have to pay RM5 leh

Male was protecting the female..very fierce hor..

Feeding the birds, RM2 per bowl of milk..

The boy was complaining towards noon time, got bored and hungry. We settled for the expensive and horrible food at the restaurant outside the bird park. The chicken they served was only 20% cooked! Got them to waive the charges of course! Bleah…lousy service too…so slow!


16 responses to “To the zoo & bird park..

  1. I read wrong, thought I read Vatican Bible School…wah…off to Vatican City wor…

    Get Kieran a parrot for his bday la for goodness sake since he loves taking pics with them…$5 to take pic no kidding wor.

    Good on you amah…don’t let those suckers “katok” u…20% cooked…r they nuts?

    Dun wan to keep parrot to take care leh…so dirty…

  2. Looks like you have been kept busy during the school holidays!!!

  3. Never been to the bird park in my entire life. Is it worth a first trip?

    Kids will be fascinated with the birds…not bad la…the entrance fee oso not that expensive..

  4. U can always join other churches VBS…then u will hv time for yrself lor..

    Hmm I went to Bird Park last month but they didnt ask us to pay when taking pic with the parrot wor..maybe school holiday they wanna earn more $$?

    huh?? cannot be wor…been there so many times and each time pun ask for the money…blek..

  5. wahh..he not sked of the bird hoh

  6. Can see the birds’ claws poking his arm… he’s really brave lah…

    no lar…so many times edi..cannot b sked rite?? hahaha

  7. ahh..nice pics. the burung kakaktua looks scary hor…the claws so big.

    no lar..very tame & friendly birds..

  8. Warao.. can see the sweat trickling down Kieran’s face or not? Acherli he veli ‘luut’ eh?

    huh? what’s “luut”??

  9. Wei…Your Kylie really look like Kieren lah.
    I know I say thousands of times liow…

    So how the girlie get-together? Or is it gonna be tomorrow?
    Wish I could be there!!!

    hahahahaha,,,ya la ya la..she not only looks like the kor kor..she behaves like him too!
    the girlie get-together was great! wish u were here too!

  10. eerrr… KL got bird park ah??? hehhehe

    Kieran enjoyed himself so much hor from the happy face there????

    So butterfly farm next week or mini aquarium??? 😛

    wahhh liddat next time u come down to KL must go lor!

  11. nice picture! especially the first one!

  12. the birds are really beautiful. must go there one day.

  13. Kieran is actually quite a brave boy eh…

    and the peacock.. I actually find them scary.. u know those many many eyes on their plumage. Ggrgghhh….

  14. wow..looks like a good and fun outing!

  15. Peggy, Glad you and the kids enjoyed the trip. i will be organising more excursion trips in coming future and hope you and the kids can join. Next round will be more concrete and under an umbrella of a community project which I am starting! Maybe if they want they can also come in for the other activities which is pretty fun e.g art, reading etc……will update you once it’s finalised by the end of this week. This sat outing is at FRIM 6 Dec 8am. But I heard you are going to Penang….so next round. FYI.

  16. You want longer bible camp? Send over to my church. We are getting 5 days. Woohoo!

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